10 Apr 2017

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Goes Live - Radical Feminist UK Government Equalities Office

By Mike Buchanan: Appalling. Excerpts from a government website, containing not one sentence with which Harriet Harman or Jess Phillips would disagree – and this from a Conservative government!
Thousands of employers will publish their gender pay gap figures for the first time from today, helping break the glass ceiling [my emphasis] and create a more modern workforce.
The UK is one of the first countries in the world to require gender pay gap reporting and follows the government’s commitment to introduce the requirements at the last election. This is a key part of the government’s work to eliminate the gender pay gap… [my emphasis]
The UK gender pay gap is already at a record low of 18.1 per cent. These requirements will help employers to identify the gaps in their organisations and take action to close their gender pay gap. [my emphasis]
Ensuring that women have the same opportunities as men to fulfil their potential in the workplace is a key part of building a country that works for everyone, as the Prime Minister made clear in her first speech outside Downing Street…
As part of the new regulations, employers will be required to:
Publish their median gender pay gap figures
By identifying the wage of the middle earner, the median is the best representation of the ‘typical’ gender difference. Employers will be asked to use data from a ‘snapshot’ period in April to calculate this average.

Publish their mean gender pay gap figures
By taking into account the full earnings distribution, the mean takes into account the low and high earners in an organisation – this is particularly useful [for ideologically-driven campaigning purposes] as women are often over-represented at the low earning extreme and men are over-represented at the high earning extreme…

The new gender pay gap mandatory reporting requirements are part of wider work the Government is doing to support women [my emphasis] in the workplace. This includes £5 million to increase returnships, offering 30 hours of free childcare, and introducing shared parental leave and new rights to request flexible working. There is also extensive cross-Government work to get more women into the top jobs at the UK’s biggest companies and to get more girls taking STEM subjects at school. [my emphasis]

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