9 Apr 2017

James Perloff - Hitler v Elite Cabal Of International Banksters + Ken Livingstone On His Suspension, Hitler And Jews

Zionist Report: We suggest you pay attention at the person being interviewed and not at the so-called journalist, who is nothing more than a clown working for the elite.

Ken Livingstone On His Suspension, Hitler, & Jews
Zionist Report: Indeed, it is another episode of "to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."
There can be no real debate for the Goyim on this matter. And, when one attempts to speak the truth on WWII, you are immediately attacked and defamed like Ken Livingstone.

Zionist Hillary Clinton - "We Must Do More for Syria"
Zionist Report: Indeed, she is true pestilence! Hillary is starting to make a "comeback" of sorts with increasingly more public appearances. Here, she is lauding Trump on him launching an attack in Syria, but Hillary makes it clear she is the real Zionist puppet.

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