20 Apr 2017

Modern Fathers Are Harming Sons By Trying To Be Their Best Friend!?

– by former Harrow head Barnaby Lenon
Via Jeff, J4MB: This. It’s difficult to know where to start. Lenon seems not to have noticed (or he’s spinelessly reluctant to admit) that men’s traditional key role as fathers – men who are fortunate to see their children, anyway – as the imposers of discipline in the nuclear family has been systematically mocked and undermined for decades by women in general, and feminists in particular. TV and radio fiction has long been crammed with stories of ‘deadbeat dads’.

In the modern era it is commonplace for mothers to undermine their husbands’ authority as fathers, sometimes in public, but more usually in private. Now that the inevitable consequences are undeniable, because women struggle to fulfil a disciplinarian role, men – as usual – are being charged with providing the solution, to return to the roles from which they’ve long been stripped. Men are also, of course, responsible for their sons’ behaviour towards their mother. Lenon writes:

If they are rude to their mother, it is of no consequence.
Maybe fathers are reluctant to discipline their sons for being rude to the woman who mocks them for seeking to impose discipline. If so, we shouldn’t be surprised.
I note the article is published in the Femail section of Mail Online. It’s about damned time we saw articles published in that section on a more common problem, modern mothers who are harming daughters by trying to be their best friend.


A father and his three-year-old daughter hauled off (United Airlines) plane because a passenger assumed he was sex trafficking her
Via Ian, J4MB: Link.

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