12 Apr 2017

Protect Our Little Boys Too

By : The world seems to ignore and deny the pain and humanity of males from the moment of birth to adulthood: circumcision, suicide, forced military service, etc.
A man talks about his experience being raped by a female when he was nine and the ensuing reaction of an indifferent world.

About Gary Costanza

Longtime MRA from Long Island, NY , 57 yrs old and and have been active with The National Center for Men, NCFM, AVFM, and continues to be active on and off the street. I had a MRA cable TV show in the early 2000's, and now post MHR videos on my youtube channel where I'm known as jerrytheother. I've attended many protests in the name of MRM - including one leading to us being sandbagged by Micheal Moore on "TV Nation" and being labeled as "angry white men." Well Michael, we're back, with reinforcements!


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