2 Apr 2017

'Sex Mad' 39 Mother Does Striptease For Little Boys Then Oral And Coitus Telling One She Was PREGNANT With His Child

...Jailed For Seven Years As Judge Labels Her A 'Disgrace'
By Abe Hawken For Mailonline: A 'sex mad' mother who had group sex with underage schoolboys and told one she was pregnant with his child was today jailed for seven years.
Amanda Tompkins, 39, described by a judge as a being a 'disgrace', invited the group into her home where they were allowed to drink alcohol and take drugs.
The mother-of-three, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, was jailed for 10 counts of physical and sexual abuse with six boys at her home while they were aged between 13 and 15 years old.
Aylesbury Crown Court heard that Tompkins' youngest children were also inside the property while she had sex with the teenagers.
After engaging in sexual intercourse and oral sex with the boys, the 'highly sexual woman without boundaries' claimed to one of them he had got her pregnant and that she needed to get an abortion.
The court heard she would let the teenagers drink and smoke cannabis in her home before preying on them after performing a striptease.
Tompkins was often under the influence of alcohol when she targeted the boys and her actions left them all traumatised, the court heard. 
The court was told that Tompkins touched her breasts before getting onto her hands and knees in front of the boys.
She then tried to touch one of them, but was pushed away, before trying to touch a second boy, and was again pushed away.
Later, the boys returned to Tompkins' house in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, and she 'quickly became predatory.'
She went upstairs then returned to the children completely naked and invited them upstairs. 
Two of the boys went into her bedroom to find her having sexual intercourse with their friend. 
Jailing her to seven years, Judge Francis Sheridan, said: 'You pleaded guilty to a most dreadful catalogue of sexual offending against young boys. 
'Your approach was anything goes as you saw fit in your own drunken stupor. 
'You ran an open house and for that, you should read you ran a home of abuse with you as the abuser - there's no point in ducking it, no matter how drunk you were.
'You were prepared to abuse each of the boys for your own sexual gratification, you simply had a sexual drive that knew no ends. Nothing was enough.
'To your own children in your drunken state you were a dreadful mother, you sexually abused children while your own two youngest children were in the house.
'You took your clothes off, getting on your hands and knees, cavorting in front of those young boys.
'You flirted with the boys in a predatory and highly sexualised way. You left the room to return absolutely stark naked, you invited the three boys up to your bedroom. 
'At one stage you were engaged in sexual activity with the three of them - that is outrageous. This is truly cruel, truly, truly cruel.
'Your smaller children would be present in the house while these antics were going on.
'You were arrested and lied your head off - no recourse from you whatsoever. 
'Your definition of an adult is far away from the legal definition, one of your victims was just days away from his 14th birthday.
'I watched you in this case, I saw no tears in your eyes. You are a disgrace as a mother and I do not hesitate to say that. 
'Putting it bluntly, madam, you are sex mad. As simple as that - anything goes, doesn't matter the age, doesn't matter what stage of sobriety you were in. 
'One word describes the victim impact statements - devastating. Their lives have been wrecked.
'To all the boys: you have got to succeed at school.
'Your schooling has been disrupted. You mustn't let her win, you've got to work hard to succeed at school so you can show you didn't defeat me.
'The impact statements are some of the saddest I have seen. Awful is the only word I can think of.' 
Kim Preston, prosecuting, said: 'The defendant liked her own home to be viewed as the party house, the fun house. 
'She would allow them to drink, cannabis was allowed to be smoked. She created a rather free and easy environment.'
The prosecutor described the first occasion when Tompkins abused two boys at her home in February last year.
She added: 'The defendant became rather suggestive in the boys presence. She did a striptease in front of them in the living room.
'She tried to touch one stroking his thigh around his genitals but he pushed her away. She tried to do the same to the other but he too pushed her away.' 
Prosecuting barrister Ms Preston described a fourth occasion where two of the boys arrived at the home to find Tompkins trying to 'cajole the boys to have sexual intercourse with her'.
She later admitted seven counts of sexual activity with a child, one of attempted sexual activity with a child, one of attempting to sexually assault a child and one of attempting to engage in sexual activity with a child ahead of a trial.
Ms Preston told the court Tompkins had used Facebook to message one of the boys she had pressured into having sex with her.
She said: 'She sent naked pictures. There was no reply. The download of her phone showed a vast number of images of her in various stages of undress.
'It is the prosecution case she was a highly sexual woman without boundaries, she had clear knowledge of the youth and innocence of the boys she was assaulting.'
Tompkins' victims had gathered in court for the sentencing and impact statements from the young boys were read to Judge Francis Sheridan.
The defendant shook her head and rolled her eyes as her predatory behaviour was described.
One victim said: 'I have felt very stressed out, I have always worried people will talk about what happened, everyone from friends to adults.
'I've found it hard to socialise with some of my friends, some of them live in the same area so I don't want to go there.
'I don't go out as much now I only really see the friends who live near me, going to school has been very difficult.
'Most of the school know what happened which makes me feel uncomfortable about it. I don't want to upset my parents or make my family life difficult.'
Another added: 'I've found myself thinking about what's happened. I think to myself 'what have I done?' People all have different opinions and I feel confused.' 
Roman McCann, defending, said that Tompkins deserved credit for admitting her crimes and added she had gone 38 years without coming to the attention of police. 
An NSPCC spokesperson said: 'Tompkins is a serial sexual predator who manipulated and abused young boys for her own gratification and it's right that she's now behind bars.
'These crimes will have long-term effects on her victims and it's important they receive all possible support to help them get on with their lives.
'It's vital that Tompkins receives treatment as part of her sentence so that she is not a risk to children when she is released.

Paedophile Amanda Tompkins
with one of her little boy rape victims!


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