27 Apr 2017

The Road To Sexism Part 2

By : De-Facto Masculinity
Identifying love with expressing feelings is biased towards the way women prefer to behave in a loving relationship… Both scholars and the general public continue to use a feminized definition of love… Part of the reason that men seem so much less loving than women is that men’s behaviour is measured with a female ruler.”1
Francesca M. Cancian in her 1987 book Love in America: Gender and Self-Development
Feminism is bullcrap because feminists don’t practice it. People talk about the bright side of ideological feminism, which is this vague, airy-fairy notion of ‘equality’ that is supposed to evoke warm, fuzzy feelings out of people. Ideological feminism never matches up with practical feminism, which is a perpetual victim narrative where women will always be in some conquered state under the Patriarchy.
When they see me, men and women behave differently towards me because they see a man. They will address me like a child, nor will not address me as a woman. This behavior is not wrong, offensive, or inappropriate. Going from there, asking me to treat women differently “because feminism” is about as dumb as asking women to go out of their way to interpret my behavior as something other than masculine, “because feminism”. It’s never going to happen, and honestly, it would feel odd if someone tried.

If people wanted to treat me differently, they might ask questions like: Why are men always considered the aggressor? Why are men supposed to hold the door open for women? Why are men “sexist pigs” by default? Why are men supposed to take on masculine roles to risk their life and well being for the women and children in the face of danger? Why are men supposed to be a responsible fathers? Why are men dumb as dogs?
The answer to these are all easy: because you’re a man. In some cases this is exactly how its supposed to be. In others, this type of sexism can be “unfair” for myself, along with other men. Oh well, that’s life. Tough.
[1 This is also known as “Girlsplaining male affection”.]

Treatment like this is the main reason why I see no problem with being sexist. As men, we’re stuck with the hard stuff no matter what the historical/sociological underpinning. Women are only empowered feminists when they can afford the resources. But in any SHTF scenario, the women will throw all of the brutal stuff on us, like we’re supposed to know our place.1 Quite frankly, if men didn’t know their place on the frontiers of invention, hard labor and battle, women would not have the world they are living in right now.
Women will always use sexism to their benefit, even when they are “protesting” it. You’d think the way some of these demonstrations go, these women think they are living in a third world country under a savage dictator. However, compared to the rest of the world’s problems the vast majority of their complaints are minuscule, even signs of how blessed they are as a group of people. After having everything no women before them has had, ever, they still protest about how hard their lives are: after they have the right to vote; to divorce, to own a business; to go to college; to own property, to choose who they want to marry; or study for any career they choose; to have not only legal, but free abortion and birth control on demand- all of this, and yet life is so hard!
I’m not saying that this exemplifies stereotypical, overly soft, girlish behavior- but it kind of does.
Women cry about how hard it is being a woman. They might cry over silly things, sometimes as it randomly pops up in conversation. I suppose there are generally difficult things bout being a woman, and I have no idea what its like. But from what I can see most of this is internal, physically and psychologically.
Men don’t perform the same; Women are weaker than men. If you put a woman at every crucial point in history where a strong man had to make a leading decision against all odds, to fight against armies, against entire cultures that refuted them, they would fold and crumble. If girls could’ve done it, they would have done it.
Feminists will try to sidetrack this and compare, racism to sexism. This is stupid. Every kind of race, from the Europe, to the Orient, Africa, to the Middle East, has had its time to shine in the history of the world stage- but every shining civilization has always been patriarchal in nature. Period. In the meantime, women still can’t even decide where they want to go for dinner. Feminists are so soft they protest against words and language2 (sometimes nothing at all), and only find comfort in acting out as female collectives in large groups.
Women who stick out as exceptions to this are just that; exceptions. They draw attention to their womanhood because they are so rare. Name a woman who sticks out in history for achievement, and you can pretty much guarantee she was surrounded by, raised, and trained by a plethora of male mentors (Seriously, go try this out and see for yourself). They also usually have a horribly difficult time fitting in with regular girls, who have probably rejected them several times throughout their lives for whatever quirks they exhibit- only to later be pedestilized by a sycophantic feminist culture that tries to compare sissy armchair philosophers with legitimate achievers.
[1 See what I did there?
2 I just want to point out that the author and artist behind the above cartoon claims that receiving sugar free coffee is a micro-aggression.]

From what I see, women who make leaps and bounds in performance and leadership cry a lot less than your typical woman, but they still can be found crying more than men. This is not a bad thing, this is just what it is. Women are filled with the kinds of hormones where they don’t have much of a choice but to react that way.
Crying itself might not be bad for a man, but its terribly obvious when men are crying at inappropriate times, and for the wrong reasons. The fact of the matter is, if a man were to cry every time he ‘felt bad’ or felt pressure, it’s a symptom that he is not grounded in his masculinity, and that he lacks the moral fortitude to stand up against opposition. On the right occasions even warriors have shed tears- but its not something a man is supposed to make a show of.
I’ve met with girls who, when I meet them in public places like a restaurant, will burst into emotions and tears in the middle of the conversation for the whole crowd to see- and I mean it when I say they do this every time. But when I meet them in more secluded places, a park, a friends house, there are never tears about their supposed problems. Not once. Perhaps they genuinely do have problems, but it seems that their resolution comes from a group perceiving their pain, rather than confronting and solving their problems.
If I met a man like this, we couldn’t be friends. If he can’t control his emotions, he can’t control himself. He probably doesn’t eat push-ups for breakfast. He’d probably spend more time talking crap about you behind your back like a little girl, than confronting you like a man. He probably couldn’t take a joke, and would have nothing to bring to the relationship but a puddle of androgynous tears which he thinks should invoke status amongst his peers via their pity. He’d probably be unreliable, and a total wussy.
In life, men have to accept their masculinity, De facto, all because of biology. Not just because ‘society says so’, but because thats the way it is, and will always be. With masculinity, real Men shape society. I’m glad this its like that. If there is a problem, the answer to that problem is me: I am a man. I fix problems. I protect and provide. I invent all the tools society uses for utility and comfort.
However, to feminist women, I am the problem. But if I have to accept my masculinity as is, along with all the terrible responsibilities that come with it (which I’ve had to do several times), I’m not dealing with any of that feminist BS. I am not even going to hear it. In other words, if women think I’m a strong man whose just supposed to be able to take pain and misfortune without complaint or need of empathy, if I am supposed to jump in harm’s way to help people, – if I can get sexually assaulted and no one bats an eye-, then there will be no discussion because its already over. For the following reasons, I am going to perform like a masculine, arrogant warrior, who is not going to care about any of their feelings or input:
A #1: Many of these women have no idea what they are talking about. A lot of their authority is feigned. Women who try to solve problems by giving you an attitude problem are not interested in actual solutions. They only want to mine as much bitterness and dramatic emotion out of a conversation as they can- and it’s all to satisfy their own vanity. Nip it in the bud and define yourself as a man, or cut them off, because you don’t need those types of women in your life.
B #2: No man can be at his best if he is made a slave to the fickle demands of a woman. If they are not making fickle demands to test their men, they make them in an attempt to express power over men- they don’t do it to reach any practical end. Women who have men in their lives who do whatever they tell them to are not happy.
C #3: If I am a man, and I am a sexist, oppressive pig by default (like I have been told so many times before) congratulations, you are officially on my dollar now. I am going to do everything in my power to get what I want. If you don’t want to be apart of that, you need to get out of my way, or I will make you get out of the way. There is no escape from this conclusion, and I will not be accepting alternative answers.
I know what girls like, I know what Women want
Man-hating is everywhere, but everywhere it is twisted and transformed, disguised, tranquilized, and qualified. It coexists, never peacefully, with the love, desire, respect, and need women also feel for men. Always man-hating is shadowed by its milder, more diplomatic and doubtful twin, ambivalence.” – Judith Levine
We identify the agents of our oppression as men…men dominate women, a few men dominate the rest… All men receive economic, sexual, and psychological benefits from male supremacy. All men have oppressed women… Women’s submission is not the result of brain-washing, stupidity or mental illness but of continual, daily pressure from men. We do not need to change ourselves, but to change men…We call on all men to give up their male privilege and support women’s liberation in the interest of our humanity and their own.” – The Redstockings Manifesto
If I have power over women, it’s because I can do stuff they can’t do. If I am “always oppressing women at all times” because I am a man and I was made that way, than perhaps women were made to be oppressed. Perhaps feminist women are full of guile, and know this dynamic to be 100% true, which is why they have to use conversational tricks and false logic to convince men to “give up their privilege” voluntarily, instead of trying to best it with their own feigned fuzzy-wuzzy masculinity they believe they have access to, because “gender is totally a social construct.”
Surely, that women have to be oppressed is an atrocious conclusion, but it comes from the atrocious premise that all men are oppressors by default. This is what happens when masculinity becomes synonymous with demonism in modern culture. Women feel they can no longer have any kind of mutual relationship with men, and men develop malnourished relationships with women because they are told they are useless, sexist pigs, by women who get offended over simple gentlemanly gestures.
As a funny personal observation, once I stopped being a pussy-footed liberal about everything, after I have taken this sexist attitude, and made it more pronounced in my behavior and decision making, I actually got accused of sexism a lot less in my life. I went from being called sexist several times a year, all the way to zero. Go figure. I don’t typically go around saying stereotypically chauvinist phrases, but when I do, I notice women think they are hilarious– or if they act mad about it, they come back around to express affection towards me in the future.

I’ve also been surprised that the female reaction to my writing has been extremely positive. Commenters, moderators, bloggers, editors, etc. I’ve gotten way more praise than I have gotten flak. This struck me as odd until I learned much of the world does not like feminism. I don’t know how many of them I have, but when I run into them, the girl supporters always seem to be among the strongest and most emphatic.
Five years ago, I would have never thought anything like this. I’m only so thorough in my writing because this literally used to be my whole world view, and I found out it was all trash. I was so ingrained in it, that I was afraid of my own transformation while it was happening. Now I’m here. I can see that a world where the sexes were equal would be absolutely boring, and no fun. I can see the delusions feminism is based on. I can see that by trying to make this impossibility real, I was deadening my own progress and happiness, and was even doing the same to others.
I’m certain men and women complement each other. We couldn’t have made it this far without one another. We have the same value in humanity as a whole, but we do not have the same value for the same reasons. Men usually were property owners because they made and earned that property with their bare hands. Women were child-rearing house-keepers because their biology and talents excel in those arenas better than men. Modern armchair philosophers with electricity and advanced medicine who get offended over the sheer practicality of this arrangement, and are totally offended by everything else in the world, are not the “strong woman” they claim to be. Rather, they are all acting like the butt-end of a joke.
The women in my life, the people I actually care about, they need me to be a man. That means I have to be there for them. It does not mean I’m going to try to control every aspect of their lives (please). It means I need to be an example and a guide. It means I’m not going to always be agreeable with them. It means being conscious of their subtle testiness.
If I express truth to them and stand steadfast for what I believe in, with enough time and persistence I can often get them to join me. I can do this by pure example. Female emotionalism may appear to be resistant, even hostile, to male rationality at first, but for the most part this is just a trick to test to see if the man genuinely believes in his own rationality. If a woman truly doesn’t want to be around me, she can get out of my way, and go do her own thing (like compel some other man to believe what she does.) I am not going to stop being who I am because of what she thinks I should believe.
So be sexist. Be sexist because the sexes are real, and are real different. Be sexist because there are too many cases where treating people the same could be considered cause for confusion, and even morally criminal. Be sexist because rather than break free of them, feminists use sexist stereotypes to fuel their perpetual victimization.
Be sexist because being a real Man is better than being a pansy. Be sexist because they’re women who don’t know what they want. Be sexist because you see it everyday, and reinforcing it has benevolent trades for both men and women. Be sexist because feminists have told you that you as a man are sexist by your very nature. Be sexist because trying to be anything else, according to them, would mean you would be lying to yourself.
Be sexist, #ForThePatriarchy

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