13 Apr 2017

When Male Privilege Goes Wrong

"Molesting your child is the only way we can protect him from harm!" ...?
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0:00 - 2:18 E-sport scholarships & the mystery of how they'll work
2:20 - 8:39 The United incident, Removing passengers to accommodate airline employees, and why this is a men’s issue
8:41 - 12:03 Why it should be legal to record in all 50 states
12:06 - 13:37 Educators treating experiences outside the institution of education as if they could not be educational
13:39 - 18:07 Bodily autonomy of men, Problems with the drug war; Pain experienced from catheterization
18:09 - 25:01 Title IX suicide, False accusations and criminal penalties
25:04 - 27-43 MGTOW’s reasonable response to an unreasonable situation

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