17 May 2017

A Brief Overview Of The Human Gender Empathy Gap

"The empathy gap is the very foundation of all of men's issues at the moment and forever, because if there wasn't this empathy gap, this mechanism, this phenomenon in existence then the feminist movement wouldn't have been so successful." Said Jordan Holbrook.

In today's episode i realise i haven't made content in a while so i briefly ad lib the empathy gap. Expect lots of pauses and very little coherency.

No script - no links or sources - wait until my full post on the matter comes out it will all be in there.

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  1. I think you are in the zone re. the empathy gap. I would go further and say that feminism wouldn't exist at all if the empathy gap were absent. Following this chain of thought one can only conclude that if this is generally understood by our species, feminism would instantly be designated its true epithet one of the most stupid ideas in history', magnitudes worse in its negative effects upon humanity even when set against the likes of Mayan death rituals and voodoo. - That empathy gap, the first 100 people all of whom walk on by the beaten man v the first 100 people all of whom try to help the beaten woman. The paradox, it is at the same time our id, our evolved survival instinct, [arguably redundant in the modern era] yet also intellectually anathema if considered via the concept 'equality' [ironically for the reason of other similar redundancies] and crucially so globally reproducible an experiment, ...It is the fulcrum. - Humanity has a choice, continue to allow our inner 'cave person' to dictate our actions or walk the walk of our intellectual talk.