18 May 2017

A Review Of Herbert Purdy’s ‘Their Angry Creed’

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Herbert Purdy was a speaker at last year’s London conference, a video of his talk is here. His excellent book Their Angry Creed: The shocking history of feminism, and how it is destroying our way of life was published shortly before the conference, where he signed copies. The book is available in paperback and ebook editions (all major e-readers) and from his own website (signed copies available).
My thanks to an American supporter for pointing me to a five-star review of the book on Amazon’s American website, from ‘Gadgeteer’. It takes up the remainder of this blog piece:
“I would like to recommend this book for anyone interested in the true history of Feminism from its roots to the modern day. Feminism is HATE, pure HATE, nothing BUT Hate– and it’s all documented quite clearly, and chronicled using their own words, writings, speeches, deeds and activities. Feminism is destroying the foundation of our society and giving people absolutely nothing in return except misery and deep division. And the saddest part of all is that it didn’t have to be this way. Feminism has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with hating Men, masculinity and the “Male” essence. The goal and purpose of Feminism is to destroy the nuclear family and the idea of the “Patriarch” to institute a female-dominated society. With Feminism, Men’s problems are never considered because with Feminism, Men are the problem.
Women / Feminists are busy “othering” men at every opportunity. You see it happening more and more with total and complete impunity– just look at all the “Women-Only” events, and the one-sided “Women-Only” promotional events picking up pace. Anybody with a brain knows full well that Women / Feminists would be howling to the heavens if any “Men-Only” events took place. They have sued “Men-Only” institutions into practical oblivion.
All Feminists ever do is demonize Men and seek to tear down everything that is “Male” and “Masculine”. They insinuate themselves, and women by proxy, as the arbiters of everything which is socially valuable and wholesome– meaning anything “Female” oriented, and castigate / shun those things which are perceived to be “Male” oriented. Each round is another push to cast men further and further into the role of “The Other” such that he can ultimately be cast out of “civilized society” by virtue of the fact that he exhibits impure / unclean / dangerous / criminal “Male” traits.
All this while simultaneously heaping all of the responsibilities of social upkeep upon the man. Requiring him to work to provide the bounty for society, and to sacrifice himself to protect the “weaker” (more privileged) members of society, while denying him any of the benefits and fruits of his labor and service to society– meaning “service to Women”.
Feminists bind men with their own Male Power and wield it by proxy to control men. “Men do not fear feminists, they fear the State”, which is why Feminists are working hard to become The State.
Feminism has nothing but hatred and contempt for men. That’s the way it has always been. Sure they point to the dictionary and claim that it’s all about equality, but that’s the one thing that Feminism has never actually been about. From it’s very inception, Feminism has been about hating men– blaming all of the ills of women on men. Albeit they do it through the convenience of the term “Patriarchy” so they can have plausible deniability and claim that they don’t hate all men, just “Patriarchy”– which is in essence, “All Men”. Even more so as they define it as the system of society which has been put in place by men to privilege / advantage men over women, thus the “act” of “being male” is sufficient to relegate a man as a member of “The Patriarchy”. This is typical Feminist logic and rhetoric. This is the first step in the process of “othering” Men.
But getting back to the idea that Feminists “love” men… show me the proof. Show me all of the Feminist love songs for men. Show me all of the Feminist love sonnets for men. Show me all of the great Feminist novels extolling the virtues of men. Show me all of the great Feminist quotes expressing heartfelt love and equanimity and kindness and goodwill for men. Show me all of the Feminist books and articles which sing men’s praises and give thanks or even simple acknowledgment to their many accomplishments. Show me the vast cadre of Feminists toiling away building things, making things, inventing things to make Men’s lives a little easier, or a little better.
Feminists don’t do anything for men– ever. Unless it somehow benefits Feminists more, first and foremost. The only thing that Feminists have for men is the back of their hand and their denouncements and slander and ugly vilifications– the constant daily sludge of “Women Good, Men Bad” which oozes out of every media orifice.
In contrast, Men work their asses off for Women. They work to feed them, clothe them, give them shelter and all of the comforts of civilization that they can possibly dream up and afford. Men help women in their daily lives. The build things, move things, create things, they provide companionship and protection and resources for their children.
Since the dawn of time Men have written countless works giving praise to women, wherein they are held up as “special” and “good” and “righteous”– virtues to which men themselves vow to aspire, women are granted automatically. Men honor women for their accomplishments and achievements, and just for being women. Men have sung millions of love songs to women expressing their faithfulness and undying love. Men sing the praises of their women. They hold them up and encourage them to grow and become all that they can be and do. Men even tear each other down at the behest of women, in their eagerness to please and provide what women say they want– even when it isn’t them (the Men).
Men have beaten back the savage wilderness, farmed the land, tamed the beasts, built the roads, built the towns and villages and cities. Men have created and invented nearly all of the great labor-saving devices throughout history. Men invented commerce, laws, education. Men defend their countries and their women with their blood. Sacrificing themselves on the battlefield, often dying miserable deaths in faraway places in the hope that their women and families can continue on.
Men keep the engines of society in operation. Men fix things, maintain things, and do all of the dirty, dangerous, risky and icky jobs which are required to keep things going. Men fight the wars, put out the fires, rescue victims of disasters, and police the streets to keep women safe. Men even invented the computers and communications and Internet that Feminists use to excoriate Men with. Men have done their best throughout all of human history to look after, provide for, and protect women– even when they weren’t their specific women, just because they were women.
So what are the ways that Feminists express their love for men? They yell at men. Scream at men. Spit on men. Lambaste men in every conceivable manner from “The Patriarchy” to “Man-Splaining” to “Man-Spreading” to who knows what all else. They accuse men of being “oppressors” and of “hating women”. They tell men they’re creepy, “rapey”, can’t be trusted around children, call them monsters and baby-killers (odd really, considering the number of abortions they have carried out). The demean men, belittle men, slander men, and generally castigate men for anything and everything that pops into their heads– essentially for the crime of “being male”. They tell men that they should be castrated, “reduced to 90% of the population”, put onto “reservations” and “checked out like books”. They show men on TV to be stupid, bumbling, ineffectual, infantile, and incompetent compared to women.
And the list of Feminist “love” just goes on and on and on. To say nothing of all the wonderful quotes they have left us with, such as “I think man-hating is an honorable and viable political act”, or “all men are rapists and that’s all they are”, and “who cares how men feel or what they do or whether they suffer”. And most especially this gem “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat.” And there are so many more “loving” sentiments to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Oh, and I almost forgot the best sentiment of all– Feminists have declared their independence from men “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”.
It is sincerely refreshing to know that all our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and unappreciated. But let me say on that point that I draw an very distinct difference between “Feminists” and “All Women”. I do not believe all women hate men. I do not think that is the case at all. Nor even that all women who consider themselves to be Feminists actually hate all men. Though that specific group I think is more miscategorized / mislabeled. Because “Feminists” themselves do hate men. That is it’s entire raison d’etre– Feminism itself literally cannot exist without Men as foils. It is impossible to define Feminism in such a way that doesn’t assign Men into the role of the antagonists.
Thus any Men who is operating in the service of Feminism is doing so on a woefully false assumption– that Feminists / Feminism has anything in it for him when in truth Feminism regards him as simply a “useful idiot” and a tool to be used for as long as it yields an advantage, and then cast away and discarded the moment he outlives his usefulness. Yet, at the same time, somewhat perversely, Men operating in the service of Feminists represent the largest threat to Men everywhere as they are the only real and substantial “hard power” that Feminists possess, and are only ever able to utilize “by proxy”. Feminists get to claim they are peaceful and misunderstood because they are able to exercise the “hard power” of their useful idiots– Male Feminists– by proxy instead and thus can plausibly deny involvement in violence and coercive activities. Men are the engine of the State. Feminists are busy positioning themselves to become “The State”.
Feminists are engaged in a War on Men, all the while perversely claiming it to be a “War on Women”. However, it doesn’t occur to me that men are much interested in prosecuting that war, or really even responding to it– particularly with respect to putting out any significant effort to defend themselves. I don’t think Men really see women as “the enemy”. It is hard for men to perceive that Women (Feminists) could pose a threat to them– or that they would even want to. Thus Men have been very slow to react and mobilize in response to the direct assault by Feminists. And the threat isn’t to “usurp their power” as much as it is a campaign to press men into the role of “the other” and cast them out of civilized society.
Feminism claims to be about “equality” and yet at every turn demonstrates itself to be about hating men with the aim and ambition of destroying men and relegating them to a service class in society. For all of their protestations to the contrary– By their fruits ye shall know them. And know them we do. Feminism is a hate group.”


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