7 May 2017

BBC “Mrs Brown’s Boys” Celebrates Domestic Violence Against Men And Hands Out Award To Abuser

Via John J4MB: This complaint to the BBC by Mark Brooks of the Mankind Initiative, about an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, a weak comedy shown on the BBC. The corporation broadcasts no other types of comedy these days, unless it’s 50+ year old episodes of Dad’s Army. The section showing an abusive woman winning a ‘Mammy of the Week’ award, is over 42:11 – 45:28, the key section 44:10 – 44:30. A mark in the wall is shown, where a knife thrown by the woman at her husband had struck the wall. Hilarious, apparently.
A tip of the hat to Mark Brooks of the Mankind Initiative for complaining about the issue to the BBC.
We wish him well, but the BBC is infamous for rejecting complaints about their coverage (or non-coverage) of male victims of domestic violence. The BBC’s general anti-male bias is scandalous.

A small selection of our pieces on the BBC’s anti-male bias can be found in our Key posts section.
In January 2014 we submitted a lengthy complaint to the BBC about a Newsnight piece on domestic violence, which breached 50+ of the BBC’s own editorial guidelines – details here. Their response was contemptuous, and we decided that complaining to the BBC was utterly futile, and therefore a waste of our limited time. We haven’t filed a complaint since. We are, nonetheless, pleased that other people and organizations complain to the BBC.


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