7 May 2017

CAfE To Build A Centre For Men And Boys In Ottawa, Canada

It's Time to Champion Boys and Men in Canada's Capital.
That's Why CAFE is Building an Ottawa Headquarters. Your Donation is Doubled Only Until May 31st! We've raised $50,000 but we only have this month to get to our final goal of $75,000 through our new GoFundMeCampaign. Send the government a message that the days of ignoring boys and men are over.


You've Seen the Headlines:

* A Gender-Based Budget that forgets an entire gender

* A National Inquiry that refuses to hear from families of missing and murdered Indigenous boys and men

* A Gender-Based Violence Strategy that allocates none of its $100M budget to fight violence against men

* A country turning away single Syrian men who are fleeing for their lives

Our government has turned its back on boys and men. But we won't. Help us build a headquarters in Ottawa so we can hold policy makers accountable.

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