7 May 2017

Female Artists LOL + Amish Women

"Art shouldn't be a muppet
with a hand up her crumpet!"
Said Sandman.

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Amish Women

Sandman: Today I came back from my working vacation in the United States. I was doing a test run for a new YouTube channel that will be about travelling your own way. While I was down in Pennsylvania I unexpectedly found myself in the heart of Amish Country. At one point I was stuck behind a traffic jam of roughly six or seven horse drawn carriages all attempting to make a right turn. It was one of the most surreal experiences I've had in a long time. And immediately I started observing the way that male and female Amish relate to one another and started to research how their society works. I immediately noticed that the men and women didn't mix all that much. Another shocking thing I saw was that many of the women went barefoot. Talk about a society where women are literally barefoot and pregnant. I went online and found out that their divorce rate is approaching zero percent. They are for the most part a closed society and even if you wanted to leave it would be difficult if not impossible because you'd have to learn how to use technology and get an education as most Amish people are only educated to the eighth grade level. With regards to female nature Women are not loyal to individual men instead to men that can provide them the best options in life. If you take a woman's choices away or make her choices extremely hard to make then the vast majority of women will stay where they are in life and settle for it. Sure there are some women that leave the Amish lifestyle but they have to leave their family, friends, way of life and cultural identity behind to do so. I don't want to talk about the religious reasons why the Amish do what they do. I want to instead focus on the cultural stuff. As a western culture and civilization we have let women run amok. And as I explored Amish country it showed me a prime example of how the most ideal form of traditionalism works. A form of traditionalism where women have six or seven children. They wear zero makeup, beauty products and look absolutely plain. You can't see any curves and instead focus on just their unpainted faces. On my way back to Canada I went into a McDonalds to get some ice coffee and I ran into a Mennonite group and started up a conversation with them. They are similar to the Amish but still believe in using some forms of technology. They too were on their way up to Canada to visit relatives. There were six of them. Three men and three women. This was my first chance in my entire life to see three women out in public with no makeup on. For the first time in my life I realized how boring and plain women look when they have no makeup, jewelry or sexually accentuating or revealing clothing. I saw how little physical appeal women have if they don't enhance their beauty. They look more plain then your grandmother. So I don't want any of you to worry that I'm not going to run off and become
Amish. And if anyone out there is thinking about it don't forget that the Amish people share a gene pool that comes from roughly two hundred people that originally came here from Germany.

Women's Lib Would Have a Field Day Among the Amish.

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