29 May 2017

It's A Mad [Feminist] World

Feminism KEK:
Parody Lyrics
All around me are depressing psychos
Holding signs close, Holding a sad pose
Using markers they write down some sad prose
Feigning despair, hoping that you'll care

Their markers filling up their paper
No expression, just oppression
Pretty soon they will create some drama
Claim some trauma, lots of trauma

But if you investigate her story
You'll find out that she lied
And the guy that she's accusing
Was falsely demonized
I find it hard to tell you
The guy wound up in jail
Because everyone believed her
It's a very, very mad world, mad world

He took the offer of a DAs plea deal
What an ordeal, Feeling so surreal
All his evidence was barred from trial
Truly vile, What a pile... of shit

Now he's convicted on only hearsay
Dirty tricks played, Many signs made
His false accusers they keep playing victim
Continue to kick him, contradicting themselves

And she keeps wanting money
From the social justice mob
Which is why these accusations
Happened when he lost his job
This psychos tale went viral
But her video's a joke
She even starting harassing
The mother of this bloke.

It's a mad world, mad world

Explaining your world
Mad world

Why innocent men plead guilty:

Catherine St Germain's facebook video and pathetic blog:

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