29 May 2017

MenAreGood Responds To Feminist Laci Green

Men Are Good!: Laci Green asked for people's experiences that were key in them viewing feminism in a negative light. Tom responds and tells his story of his early experiences with domestic violence as a therapist and later as the vice chair of the Maryland Commission for Men's Health.

Link to the Hines Study that found that 78% of men referred to DV shelters were told they only help women and 63% of men were told they were batterers and referred to a batterers program::

Here's another link for the excellent work of Denise Hines

Link to the three reports written for the Maryland Commission for Men's Health. Male victims of Domestic Violence, Male Suicide, and Men's Health

Official link to the Maryland library copy of the three reports that were later submitted as an "addendum."

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  1. It was some time 2004/5 in the UK after several years of demonstrations for the equal treatment of fathers in the secret kangaroo family courts with my fellow F4J Father's For Justice, we attempted to influence parliament with EDM128 an 'Early Day Motion seeking support for 'PARENTING TIME PRESUMPTION' http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2005-06/128 ...It was the first time I noticed feminists mobilized to thwart us in what was more or less the simple request to change the language of the law [overwhelmingly effecting fathers] e.g. from 'Contact' to 'Parenting Time' for obvious reasons including to stage an appropriate adjustment to the disposable male status quo and towards actual equality that is after all "in the best interests of the child", as is suggested is the reason for being of the UK family courts. ...I shudder to think of a group of feminists burning the midnight oil to come up with a way to bring F4J down and to this day we do not know who spread the rumor that some members of the by then thousands of F4J [going by the numbers who marched with us alone it had to be 10,000 plus by 2005/6] had plotted to kidnap Tony Blair's son, ...was it government agent provocateurs, feminists? We still don't know. We do know that feminists in the UK lame stream media are the first barrier to equality. Watch any video of F4J Matt O’Connor from back in the day or J4MB Mike Buchanan in the last few years. FYI things are now worse for UK fathers in 2017 than they were when we started two decades ago thanks to feminists. It seems as if we caught them off guard at first but once feminists got a whiff of what we were doing they mobilized at very high levels, it's as if it's our fault that feminism got a new high government level lease of life and police have since been given new misandric orders/powers regarding so-called "domestic" situations, i.e. arrest and hand and leg cuff the man and ask questions later. I don't buy that the powers that be are mentally retarded, ...those who own the media, the gatekeepers are complicit.