31 May 2017

Not Another Monster: Why I Will Not Give Birth To A Man

It seem like every morning, another traumatizing story about a women whose rights have been violently taken from her makes its way to me. Because our society apparently does not want to help end this suffering, I, and hopefully you too, am deciding to take action in what could be the most effective method yet; by aborting any male children I might potentially have.
If you think this sounds extreme, consider the fact that 65% U.S. women will be raped in their lifetimes, and 92.8% of rapists never receive any form of punishment. These facts become even more alarming when you take in to account that virtually 100% of rapes are committed by, you guessed it, men. As far as I’m concerned, it’s about survival. Our laws won’t protect us, and so we have to to what we can to ensure our rights are protected. By using your right to choose to have an abortion, you will undoubtedly prevent a future rape.
This is what’s known as a ‘win-win’ scenario; because it spares women from a fate worse than death, and deny’s life to a monster.
The hashtag #notanothermonster is already becoming a trending topic in the U.S. I hope you will join me in supporting this cause.


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