23 May 2017

Not To Worry, Ariana Grande's 'Okay' - But Everyone Be Very Afraid And Vote Fascist Warmonger From Now ON

Zionist Jewish owned news media 'Sky'...putting their usual
Zio spin on events. As Deek Jackson said. "From the makers of 9/11,
7/7, Je suis Charlie and National Lampoons Belgian Gihad.
Don't even think twice about how many 'sand nigger babies' Britain has bombed over the years, just stay calm
and remain ambivalent about British support of murdering regimes in the Middle East for decades."
By Tyler Durden: What we think that we know so far:
  • The Manchester Arena was hit by at least one explosion during a concert by Ariana Grande
  • Police confirm 19 Dead, around 50 injured
  • Police state it is 'possible terrorist incident'
  • UK officials suspect it was caused by suicide bomber.
  • Senior counter-terrorism officials meeting in London
  • Police warn people to stay away from area
  • Emergency services rush to scene
  • Ariana Grande 'Okay' following the incident

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