20 May 2017

"Pronoun Wars" - SJW Death Metal

"In the era of communicative infinity
You’ll see your words, your freedoms encroached
More ways to speak, more ways to reach
Yet disallowed anything, anything but newspeak

So obsessed with the idea of control
They lose all concept of civility
Trying to operate society’s console
Censorship ad nauseam ‘til the communists rule

Mind control through social patrol
Prescribed ideas you’re told to hold
Using codes to turn you into me
Amorphous clumps of conformity

Respect my quirky snowflakery or unleash absolute triggery
I'm a trans-black, whale-kin, tumblrista demi-boy
You taint your mind with binary, socially constructed fantasies
Educate yourself on cis-normativity

No speech is free, except mine to limit thee
Call me xir, call me fay, else it’ll be your judgment day
The big sister state is right on its way
Misgender me, you'll go to jail in 1, 2, 3...

Exaggerate everything you do
Claim victimhood, through and through
I’m assembling a verbal crusade
The greatest Marxist war to date

I am the voice of the voiceless
I am the arbiter of freedom of speech
My dissent means you're a racist
My contempt makes you a Nazi

Don't care how much you cry

Busybodies shiver at the brink of power
Projecting violent ideals to self-professed pacifists
Punches ensue, your freedom is due, once I get my hands on you
Want smaller government? You’re practically a fascist!

What you smiling at bitch? What you want?
I’ll tell you I’m here for a single cause to present to you the pronoun wars
With screeching your speech I seek to stunt
Such is the life of a freedom-fighting cunt

Molded to resent the white American male
Speaking truth to power – Let's watch the white man cower
Maybe there's a reason to take their votes away
What I see in the mirror's still better than you – Our bigotry shall now be excused

Our reality goes beyond truth
We always defend the oppressed and the weak
Car attacks, flinging faggots off a roof
Merely offensive when framed as a critique

As the mighty journal of Wall Street
Children's idols we'll declare unsavory
Deprived of revenue to teach them to
Say and do the things we want them to do"

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