11 May 2017

Sophie ‘Doughnuts’ Walker, Women’s Equality Party Leader, Proposes Free Childcare

Via Stu, J4MB: An extract:
She said policies designed to work for women would result in a political system that worked better for everyone. [‘Everyone’ meaning work-centred professional women in this context.]
Investing in free childcare in the same way previous governments had invested in physical infrastructure, for example, would “have a positive knock-on for everyone in a very, very positive way”. [‘Everyone’ other than men whose taxes will largely pay for this communist-inspired initiative, children, women who want to look after their kids at home rather than go out to work…]
She added that women in the UK still did not have the same options as men, [nonsense – where’s your evidence, Doughnuts?] with men still outnumbering women in Parliament, [in relation to the proportion of people applying to become PPCs who are women, women are already heavily over-represented in Parliament]
the continued existence of a pay gap between men and women [Nurse, can I please have more morphine?] and women suffering disproportionately from austerity measures. [maybe because they benefited far more than men from state support in more prosperous times?]
How do you know Sophie Walker is talking idiotic nonsense? Her lips move.


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