18 May 2017

The "Israelization" Of America II - Disproportional Influence

Zionist Report: When Netanyahu said "we have America" on the Bill Maher Show he meant that Zionists have the blessings of America's politicians. - Israel is a colonial settler state sitting on land that was stolen from its Arab population, which had been living there for thousands of years. The vast majority of Jews that settled the land in the early 1900's falsely laid claim to Palestine. - Since that injustice (the creation of Israel) the Zionists have continued to try to justify what they have done. The creation of Israel and now its maintenance has been the underlying cause of both world wars, events like 9/11, the war on terror, the creation of ISIS, and the current destabilization of the region.

Political Zionism is the red thread of violence that runs through the cloth of modern history. Current events should be viewed through this prism as well. The predicament of the Zionist is not enviable, for their task is to make something inherently unjust into something that appears just.

Terrorist attacks are often false flags meant to deflect focus away from the just cause of the Palestinians right of return. No American should be required to believe in the state of Israel.

One only needs to look at the population stats of Palestine in the late 1800's to understand the Palestinian cause. A Non-Zionist view is completely justified, and quite frankly holds the moral high ground. This is exactly why the Zionists have always resorted to the violence of war and terrorism.

In other words "Might Makes Right"

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