7 May 2017

The Maryland Rape Case, Rockville High School

Men Are Good!: The rape charges against the two young men at Rockville High School have been dropped. It seems obvious that the young girl falsely accused them. Will she be prosecuted? If not, what message does that send to her peers?

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  1. "What message does that send to her peers?" Spot on Sir! Her male peers receive a similarly intense message and my advice would be to ABR. My personal experience of youth suggests that there is a period of time certainly for a portion of us men where the option to avoid women is simply not on the table. ABR for your own protection against all sorts of unfair treatment by state actors, unscrupulous self-centered women etc.

    Certainly here in the UK one has the legal right to video and sound record in public, http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/stand-your-ground.html so my suggestion to all men young and old with a libido is to take a recording device, modern phones usually suffice, along with your French tickler condoms for your own protection [step out with confidence lol ...e.g. we should record a male version 'bodyform' advert for this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asXw2a4kQLc&spfreload=10 cought doctorrandomercam] and then for goodness sake be merciless with the evidence if an unscrupulous bitch tries to ruin your life. ...Play coy and let her fashion the rope for her own neck and then when she's dug herself in up to her neck in police recorded accusations etc., having pleaded your innocence throughout, suddenly inexplicably remember your recording, whip it out, don't let it out of your sight into the hands of gullible white knight police before your lawyer gets hold of it.

    I just love the message that spreads among my peers when a lying bitch gets taken down for trying to ruin a man's and often multiple men's lives. Best wishes all and ABR. "Whoooa A-B-R, ABR for protection, ABR for comfort, ABR for you!"