5 May 2017

The Red Pill Latest

By MRA-UK: Cassie Jaye’s ground breaking film about the men’s movement, The Red Pill, is now…

  • #4 Best-Selling Documentary DVD on Amazon,
  • #3 Documentary on iTunes,
  • #1 Documentary on GooglePlay
To-date (4th May 2017) it has won four awards at two film festivals…

  • Best Documentary Feature at the Louisiana International Film Festival,
  • At the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, The Red Pill took the awards for Best of Festival, Excellence in Directing a Documentary, and Excellence in Producing a Documentary.
Successful actions by the usual culprits in stopping TRP being shown at various venues in Australia are being effectively countered by the very publicity which such actions attract – together with the good offices of the likes of Bettina Arndt (see, for example, Mark Latham’s Outsiders).


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