8 May 2017

Why Don’t More People Hate Feminism? + One Of The Worst British False Rape Accusation Cases Ever + The Future Of Us

By Jordan Holbrook: To paraphrase Rowan Atkinson: What is wrong with encouraging intense dislike of an idea? Why shouldn’t you do that, if the beliefs of that idea or the activities perpetrated in its name deserve to be intensely disliked?

When you've had a good day and you have a few beers to reward yourself only to then make a spur of the moment video.
laugh reacts only.

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One Of The Worst Cases Ever
By Jordan Holbrook: I’m trying to cut down my alcohol consumption. Reading cases like this does not help.
I read about this case this morning and could not believe it. An absolute disgrace.


The Future Of Us

My Article on Contraception

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