7 Jun 2017

Omran Alive And Well In Aleppo

vanessa beeley: Omran has been found alive and well in East Aleppo. ...Why are the corporate media spin doctors not rushing to Aleppo to interview and investigate, after all Omran was one of the most effective icons of the media war on Syria, his photograph even winning the Getty award for the most "Defining Image" 2016. Despite the fact that the photo itself was taken by a member of the child beheading gang, Nour Al Din Zinki who decapitated and tortured Abdullah Issa publicly and videoed the entire brutal act, one month before the photo of Omran went viral and precipitated all manner of outrage from the International Community.

The limp wristed response from Corp Media is the usual copy/paste journalism that we have come to expect. Across the board, the same bias and attempts to prevent the backlash against their being caught with their lying pants around their ankles...again.


Thanks to @Walid970721 for the subtitles.

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