24 Jun 2017

The Wikipedia Page On J4MB Justice 4 Men & Boys, Is Becoming More Misleading - Thanks Philip Cross

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our thanks to Ken for pointing out that our Wikipedia entry is becoming ever more misleading over time. Gems include this, concerning our 2015 general election manifesto:

The section on sexual abuse concentrates on female offenders, and the issue of 85,000 rapes and 400,000 sexual assaults annually committed against women in the UK is avoided.
85,000 rapes ‘annually committed against women in the UK’? It’s a longstanding feminist lie. On p.36 of the manifesto you’ll find the government’s statistic for the number of men convicted of rape in British courts in 2013 = 980 
So, who can we credit with such misinformation on our Wikipedia entry? Life is too short to track down the author of every bit of nonsense, and at least you know what to expect from geniuses such as ‘The Vintage Feminist’, but a particularly keen ‘editor’ is Philip Cross, whoever he – or, more likely, she – is. (S)he made 16 changes on 21 June alone. The Revision History is here.
Material that (s)he cut includes the story of my writing articles for International Business Timeshere – before being replaced by Ally Fogg, a (male) feminist Guardian columnist.


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