14 Jul 2017

Don't Trust Your Mother - MGTOW

Sandman: My life is being thrown upside down by my soon to be ex wife. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I am the unlucky bastard who got a 10 year older then me co-worker pregnant. She is is her 40s and I am my early 30s. I did "the right thing" as my mother said by marrying this woman. But I am now being brought through the ringer in the divorce custody battle now 2 years later. I am in New York which is a liberal feminist, female worshiping cesspool. Amazingly I use to look up to the likes of Kurt Cobain one of the biggest male feminist of his days. Look how his wife drove him to suicide. Courtney Love was cheating on him with Billy Corgan and he couldn't deal with it.
But I've broken that brainwashed anti-male propoganda that is the entertainment industry. Sorry if this is a bit scattered, I am not in a great place with the fights and the divorce and working in high octane financial industry job. Thank You." Well Zak thanks for the donation and topic. From the title you already know what I'm going to tell you. Yes you should have worn a condom and if she tricked you and said she was on the pill you shouldn't have trusted the woman because you barely knew her. But up to that point you were only on the hook for child support and not the alimony. You did the right thing according to your mother and it turned out the wrong way as you can see. Your mother didn't care about you all she cared about was the grand child. The grand child and the daughter in law are seen by her either conciously or unconsciously more important than you are by your mother and not her own son. So it doesn't matter if the woman ruined your life by getting you pregnant your mother ruined it even more by telling you that you did the right thing and marrying this woman. It's almost like a tag team effort. The bottom line is you can't look to your mother to look out for your emotional and financial well being when you're an adult male. When we are babies and kids our mothers look after our physical well being and most will still cook for their sons and nag them to go to the doctor when they get older. But when it comes to the emotional or financial well being of their son they are generally indifferent. I have a friend that had horrible student loan debt because his mother told him to get a degree. Eventually he was paying insane interest rates on that debt. So he asked his mother to loan him some money or gift him some money so he could get out from under the debt and start his life. But that didn't happen. She never gave him a dime. Fast forward a few years and he gets married. Suddenly she gives him money instead probably with the hope that grand children will be on the way. The mother wants grand kids and believes that handing over money for a down payment will fulfill that dream for her.

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