14 Jul 2017

For Honey Badger Irianna - Jailed For Loyalty To Boyfriend Who Was Subsequently Found Innocent Of All Charges

Perseus999: On June 1, 2017, the Greek justice system, by means of summary proceedings, convicted Irianna, a 29 years old academic, to 13 years of imprisonment, a judgmenet solely based on a non-existent partial DNA sample, simply because she stood by her partner, when earlier to her case, he had been accused of being a member of an urban guerrilla group. Despite the fact that he was later found innocent of all charges, the Athens Court of Appeal retaliated against her for her loyalty to him. According to this absurd legal judgment, anyone can be blamed and condemned for anything. You just have to be friends with someone, who is a friend of someone else and so forth...

"They're not crazy. Madness is an alibi. They take an arbitrary decision while hiding behind their anonymity and position".

We demand Irianna's immediate release and an end to her persecution.

We declare without hesitation that the criminalization and condemnation of social and family relations will not pass over our bodies.

Solidarity gatherings to Irianna:

July 14 at 19:00 - Syntagma Square
July 17th at 09:00 - Athens Court of Appeal - WE TAKE IRIANNA BACK!

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