16 Jul 2017

Piers Morgan v Janusz Korwin-Mikke - FIXED

DoctorRandomercam: Behold the "Not the Napoleon Complex" Complex. For Napoleon was not short. Just a regular common or garden megalomaniac.

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  1. Funny but wrong. "North Korea failed because of communism" is a similarly flawed statement to, " a Jewish State wherever it may be setup will invariably be an apartheid state." Communism does not operate as a world government or in a vacuum; it is among others and in direct competition with what some might call mammonism or fascism which we mistakenly call capitalism. Privately owned central banks constant manipulating, international taxes and corporate and military lobbies make it far from free market capitalism and in fact render what we are laughably calling capitalism the definition of fascism. What you are therefore insinuating amounts to a statement that fascism is superior to communism. I submit that both communism and fascism have lead to the same outcomes, ...the enslavement of the masses to one or other set of rulers. Just so happens that one side is more effective at war. I suggest we cut out these middle-persons who we think are our rulers. The rulers are the handful that own everything and the premiers and presidents are their managers. We have the means to do so if we the common people would dare to unify for a velvet revolution to enact open direct government by the people where we all vote on every single issue rather than delegating it to others who invariably do the opposite of what we wanted. Wars would stop and the owners and corporations would have to bribe us all before we vote for their assimilation into the state. Would you vote to attack another foreign nation or to help heat the homes of the elderly? Delegating the most important decisions about our world to middle-persons is always a stupid thing to do, suggesting that one form of enslavement is slightly better than another is doubly so.