21 Jul 2017

Jewish Orchestrated - Muslims v Radical Feminist UK NF

Zionist Report: This is the perfect example of brainwashing propaganda! What is happening in London and other cities is EXACTLY what the Jewish tribe wants happening. It is not Islam's fault neither is it the National Front's or Christianity's. The wars created by the Orwellian warmongering fascist tribe have obliged masses of refugees to flee their countries. Among those refugees, they have paid agents who are inciting others to riot. This is part of their agenda, to destroy Europe and the white race and create as much chaos and confusion as possible.

Videos like these reflect much truth about the current situation, but we MUST understand the purpose behind them. They DO NOT inform but make people end up hating Islam, and that is what they are looking for. They want us to riot and kill each other while governments push for more refugees and protect them infuriating local citizens. There is an agenda here, that is developing right in front of our eyes. They engineer the 'problems' and they bring the 'solutions'.

If you stop to think for a minute, this would not be happening if Israel he had not brought America into their Middle East wars, just like they did with WWII. They planned 9-11 which has been a turning point, for the entire world.

Edited by AA 

Angelo: I'm with ZR against the tribe in general. We have had plenty of confirmation of the unholy trinity of banksterism, the MIC and state and it is textbook fascism. Our so-called democracy in the west is a simple despots slight of hand, you don't get to play unless you sign on to the trinity agenda in the first place and the effect of that filter is what we have to vote for, a few token ineffective good people can get through an election. Orwellian, despotic, fascism.

True, the above video mirrors the Jewish elites agenda, like this immigration shenanigans that is organized to bring them here once they've been sufficiently terrified back home: http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/soros-sponsored-immigration-network.html 

The majority of Muslims that are here due to the Zionists machinations wish they were back home, minus the 30,000 bombs per year and the rest we're dropping on them for JSIL the Jewish State and their elites.

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