26 Jul 2017

What Did Misandrist Jess Phillips Do Before Entering Politics?

By Mike Buchanan: It’s well known that Jess Phillips – Toxic Feminist of the Month – worked for Women’s Aid before entering politics. Whilst there she seemingly swallowed the long-discredited Duluth model hook, line, and sinker.
But what did Jess Phillips do before Women’s Aid? Our award-winning research team has just unearthed information – including a Wikipedia profile – showing she was born in 1947, and was a black American football player between 1969-77. Still not convinced? The team unearthed a photograph (below) published by the Dayton Daily News, with the caption:
The Cincinnati Bengals Jess Phillips goes in for a touch down against the Boston Patriots at Nippert Stadium in 1969.

Is this the earliest known example of gender and race reassignment surgery?


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