31 Aug 2017

The Bizarre Decade

Max and Stacy discuss ‘the bizarre decade’ on the markets engineered by central banks and the ‘red flags’ in the shale industry. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein, author of Planet Ponzi, to discuss central banks’ collective $15 trillion in assets. How will this Ponzi turn out?

Proof You Can't Make Feminists Happy

6oodfella: If the rules of the game prevent people from winning, then no-one is going to play it. ...Enjoy.

No End To Coverups

By Paul Craig Roberts: Craig Roberts (yes, there are two of us) is a former US Marine and a 27-year veteran of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, police force. He is a capable and committed person. Since 1989 he has written 13 books. His latest, just published, Medusa File II, consists essentially of his voluminous files of the investigation of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995, known as “the Oklahoma City Bombing.” https://www.amazon.com/Medusa-File-II-Politics-Oklahoma/dp/1547027843/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1503780098&sr=1-2&keywords=Craig+Roberts
The FBI, appreciative of Roberts’ capabilities, requested his service in the investigation. As officially part of the investigation, he took the investigation seriously. The investigation proceeded rapidly, developing many leads. Numerous witnesses saw Timothy McVeigh with many dark complexioned men prior to and just after the bombing. Leads were also developed to militias in Elohim City, to the German, Strassmeir, and others.
Before any of these leads could be developed, the investigation was taken over by President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno.

Central Bankster Mario Draghi's Fatal Conceit

'Praising a drug dealer, who provides the drug addict (who became a drug addict because of him) with just another shot.'
Authored by Thorstein Polleit: On 23 August 2017, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) gave a speech titled “Connecting research and policy making” at the annual assembly of the winners of the Nobel Price for Economics in Lindau, Germany. What Mr Draghi talked about on this occasion — and especially what he didn’t talk about — was quite revealing.
Any analysis of the causes of the latest financial and economic crisis is conspicuously absent from Mr Draghi’s remarks. One gets the impression that the crisis came basically unexpected, out of the blue. There is no mention of the role of central banks, the monopoly producers of unbacked paper (or: fiat) money, played for the crisis.
No word that central banks had for many years manipulated downwards interest rates — accompanied by an excessive increase in credit and money supply — causing an unsustainable “boom.” When the bust set in — triggered by the spreading of the US subprime crisis across the globe — the ugly consequences of this central bank monetary policy came to the surface.

Antifa Farm + Pot Call Kettle Brack - William Banzai7

US Evergreen College Repeats Mizzou's History

"Who would have guessed that letting the lunatics take over the asylum would have a negative impact?"
Raging Golden Eagle: Last time around we talked about those failing to learn from history being doomed to repeat it. Well what do you know, now Evergreen is repeating Mizzou's history!

Feminism Is For PoopyHeads! - Re: Kat Black

"She's white so it's white feminism so it doesn't count!"

American Legion Calls On Congress To Investigate USS Liberty Attack In Historic Resolution

If Americans Knew: In a historic move, the American Legion, at its national convention in Reno on Thursday, August 24, 2017, approved Resolution 40 calling for the first full U.S. government investigation of Israel's 1967 attack on the USS Liberty. The resolution aligns the Legion with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, which, in 2013, adopted Resolution 423 at their national convention calling for the attack to be investigated. The Liberty was a U.S. Navy electronics ship operating in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean when it was attacked by Israeli forces.

30 Aug 2017

MGTOW Identity With Devil's Advocate

'Only morons are still getting married.'
Devil's Advocate's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeL5...

Jewish State Child Abuse - Gaza Hospitals “Catastrophe”

Among those affected are children requiring dialysis treatment at Rantisi Children’s Hospital in Gaza City.
“We never know when the power will be on or off,” says Wijdan Muslih, mother of one such child patient.
The four-hour treatment sessions are disrupted by power cuts, which puts the health of patients at risk and damages the machines.

The Not So Curious Case Of Soros' AntiFa And Neo-Nazis

By Jordan Holbrook: AntiFa and Neo-Nazis are not too dissimilar. They share similar ideals, have similar practices and are both inspired by the same ideology. As such, when Trump condemned the violence on both sides, he was not wrong. In fact, the mainstream-media has been at fault for only condemning the violence from one side.
The violence from AntiFa is inspired by their hatred of Nazis which, on the face of it, is a reasonable enough starting point. The issue most take, as do I, is their choice of action. It is okay to hate Nazism and Nazis but, it’s not okay to attack people you disagree with. Yet, freedom of speech and freedom to associate arguments aside (more than enough have been made in other articles), AntiFa’s ability to identify Nazis is severely lacking. This has resulted in many ordinary people falling victim to AntiFa’s accusations and, in turn, violence.

Roger Waters Dénonce Israël

"BDS is a perfectly legitimate
non violent form of protest."
Says rock legend Roger Waters.

Feminist Insanity Again! Rename Father's Day!

Men Are Good!: Feminist Insanity Again! A feminist activist wants to rename the Australian Father's Day to "Special Person's Day." The expressed motive is to keep children safe from the possibility of feeling left out if they didn't have a dad! Wow!

BBC 5 Live: Women-Only Gym Sessions Are Sexist

Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent: Male-only gym sessions = bad, women-only gym sessions = good! Once again, BBC presenters do a brilliant job of illustrating the endless double-standards in feminism.

Why Google Made The NSA

Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet...
By Nafeez Ahmed: INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’
The origins of this ingenious strategy trace back to a secret Pentagon-sponsored group, that for the last two decades has functioned as a bridge between the US government and elites across the business, industry, finance, corporate, and media sectors. The group has allowed some of the most powerful special interests in corporate America to systematically circumvent democratic accountability and the rule of law to influence government policies, as well as public opinion in the US and around the world. The results have been catastrophic: NSA mass surveillance, a permanent state of global war, and a new initiative to transform the US military into Skynet.

"Gender X" Licensed 'Nonbinary' California

By Tyler Durden: Up until now, state issued identification cards around the country have limited gender designations to 'male' and 'female' because, well, biological science has historically taught us that those were the only two options.  But that hateful and narrowed-minded micro-aggression perpetrated by our genetic code will no longer be tolerated in the state of California, whether it's a scientifically proven fact or not. 
Californian fudge packer aptly named 'Wiener'.
As the San Francisco Chronicle points out today, California's legislature is currently considering SB 179 that will add a new "nonbinary" gender designation to the state's identification cards.
When Californians are designated by gender on a driver’s license, a birth certificate or any state identification, there are only two possible boxes to check: either “M” or “F.” But they may soon have a third option.

A bill advancing in the Legislature would allow Californians to opt for a “nonbinary” gender marker on all forms of state identification. It’s not yet clear which alphabetical abbreviation will be used, though “X” appears to be a leading candidate.

29 Aug 2017

Bitcoin Bond

As the bond market arrives for bitcoin, Max and Stacy discuss ‘high finance’ meeting cryptocurrency. Will this bring in more liquidity or more manipulation? Max continues his interview with Wolf Richter of WolfStreet.com about the latest in markets - from housing in San Francisco to driverless car dreams on corporate balance sheets.

Displaced + The Secret + Lessons

AWATE says. "'Displaced' is my ode to my estate, Maiden Lane before they tear it all down. I'm a refugee and wanted to show how it felt growing up in the estate, being chased and told I was an alien. The suit was inspired by Afronauts and Power Rangers and the intro was a reference to Mr. Bean. The backstory is that the version of Eritrea that my parents struggled for, that never was, actually existed on another planet. That's where my papers come from."

Jewish State Threatens To Bomb Multi-Ethnic Syria Again

Bibi Brags About Bombing Syria "A Dozen Times" And Threatens To Bomb Syria Again
By Tyler Durden: More information has emerged from President Putin's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi 'the Baby Butcher of Gaza' last week. The two met in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi on August 23rd to discuss recent developments in Syria. According to new shocking reports in both Arab and Israeli media, a senior Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on the trip threatened to assassinate Syrian President Assad by bombing his palace in Damascus, [for daring to accept help from Iran] while further adding that Israel will seek to derail the US-Russia brokered de-escalation deal reached in Astana, Kazakhstan earlier this summer.
According to the Jerusalem Post:

You're Losing Your Mind & Your Decency Rabbi, Not Europe

By Michael Lesher: Because I have no ambition either to be the next Chief Rabbi of Barcelona or to be subject to the whims of whoever is – as it is, I’m not even Spanish – it’s of very little direct importance to me that the current occupant of that position, one Meir Bar-Hen, is a blithering idiot.
On the other hand, I am a Jew – and a human being. And on both counts it does matter very much to me that Rabbi Bar-Hen, who claims in the wake of a car-ramming attack in Barcelona (for which the motive remains unclear) that “Europe is lost” so long as its governments allow Muslims to live side by side with other citizens, is not only a fool but a bigot of unspeakable effrontery. In fact, he’s exactly the sort of man who, with Goebbels, would have pointed to Herschel Grynszpan’s murder of a young German diplomat in 1938 as “proof” that Jews could not be tolerated in Germany.
And yet I confess that even the rabbi’s racismessentially a declaration of war against every Muslim in Europe – is less infuriating to me than the silent complacency with which his remarks have been received throughout the Jewish world.

Misandric Guardian Rushes To Defend False Rape Accuser

"A construct of bogus victimhood."
Raging Golden Eagle: And as expected, The Guardian responds to a false accuser who ruined 15 lives getting 10 years in prison by trying to play the accuser off as a victim. Now if the roles/genders were reversed, I wonder if they would be singing this same tune...

Liberal/Progressive/Left Neo-Fascists Now Ban The Historic Movie “Gone With The Wind”

Latest effort to ‘rewrite American history’
hits Memphis theater
RT: Refusing to show such a historically significant film is an example of trying to rewrite America’s history: it should be shown and talked about and not called insensitive, says writer and comedian Jeffrey Mark Klein.
Hattie McDaniel first black actress to win
academy award.
After targeting monuments commemorating the lives of Confederate leaders, the split in US society is now moving to the world of the big screen.
The Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee said it would cancel its annual showing of the 1939 classic movie 'Gone with the Wind.' Directed by Victor Fleming, the film about love during the Civil War, which grabbed eight Academy Awards, has been accused of being “racist and insensitive” by some people.
The theater remained rather vague about the number of people who disagreed with the showing of the film, saying only they had “numerous comments” from viewers.
Based on Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel, the film is set on a Southern plantation during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods.

"Long Live The Real"

DISL Automatic


we dont need no stinkinfacts
By Paul Craig Roberts: In the United States, facts, an important element of truth, are not important. They are not important in the media, politics, universities, historical explanations, or the courtroom. Non-factual explanations of the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings are served up as the official explanation. Facts have been politicized, emotionalized, weaponized and simply ignored. As David Irving has shown, Anglo-American histories of World War 2 are, for the most part, feel-good histories, as are “civil war” histories as Thomas DiLorenzo and others have demonstrated. Of course, they are feel good only for the victors. Their emotional purpose means that inconvenient facts are unpalatable and ignored.
Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author. Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated. They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring. When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry. The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want. There is always a market for romance novels and for histories that uphold a country’s myths.

28 Aug 2017

Do Men Have The Power? Male Privilege v Male Disposability

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

If it’s Not Your Penis, Shut Up And Sit Down, You Have No Say - And Doctors, Drop Your Weapon

By : If circumcision isn’t medically necessary, why do we still do it? Examining hygiene, religion, tradition, and ignorance
Intaction’s Genital Cutting Exhibit
It’s odd to see this level of push-back and animosity.
I got some comments from friends on Facebook about some anti-circumcision posts I put up recently:
“Gary, it’s hard to believe you are still stuck on this, when there are so many important …. oh forget it, you’re stuck. I don’t agree with you. It is for either religious and/or sanitary reasons that baby boys are circumcised. As toddlers & even older, children tend not to be meticulous with hygiene .
Infection can be very painful & dangerous. I do not believe baby boys are traumatized forever because of this. Are you?!?!?”
Another comment:
“The female genital mitigation [sic] should be something people worry about ☹️”
Here are my posted responses to the above:

The Spirit Of Trane - CD Review - Jazz In Europe

'The Spirit of Trane' is released simply because, for Gilad Atzmon, it is a chance to acknowledge possibly the greatest and most influential tenor sax player in jazz history. Gilad says, "whether it is his patented sheets of sound, his rapid fire improvisations, advanced harmonic progressions or lush interpretations of ballads, no aspiring music lover can afford to neglect the music of 'Trane" . As Gilad handed me one of the first copies of the CD at a gig recently he told me, you will love this'. He was, as he sometimes is, right. 
By Sammy Stein: This CD is a spiritual journey along with Coltrane, with Gilad adapting his distinctive style ( he often plays with an Eastern lilt or a more Parker-esque accent to his playing in my opinion) to try to capture the essence of Coltrane’s style, his beauty, skill and simply take the listener through significant stages of the man whose name is synonymous with almost sublime sax playing.

Finland's Largest Pension Funds Dumps US Stocks Because "There Is No President In The US"

By Tyler Durden: As President Donald Trump prepares to meet with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the White House on Monday, a [self loathing?] portfolio manager at the Baltic state's largest pension fund bothered by Trumps support of white people, but who also has legitimate concerns about a possible nuclear war has told Bloomberg that he will be trimming exposure to US stocks. The reason? It seems as if there is no president in the US.”
Risto Murto, chief executive officer of Varma Mutual Pension Insurance complained that Trump’s response to the attack in Charlottesville Va. demonstrated that he is incapable of governing the world's largest economy, and that it appears the US is more or less running on autopilot.
The reason for Murto's concern: as the financial crisis showed us, when there is trouble in the US, it runs the risk of spreading to the rest of the world. Musto also cited Trump’s seeming inability to work with Congress as “particularly worrying,” given that it threatens to disrupt the implementation of the Trump economic agenda. Hoped-for tax cuts and infrastructure spending helped push US stocks to record highs in the wake of Trump’s inauguration.

Run Of The Mill Case Of Jemma Beale's Serial False Rape Cry

Feminism KEK: Deconstructing a bizarre article about convicted felon and false accuser Jemma Beale and dispelling a few rape myth myths.

"We're Back In The '60s Again" - Bomb-Shelter Sales Are Booming In The US And Japan

By Tyler Durden: US-based bomb-shelter manufacturers should maybe think about buying Kim Jong Un a fruit basket.
According to McClatchy, sales have in both the US and Japan have risen dramatically this year as President Donald Trump and Kim have exchanged threats of nuclear annihilation. US and Japanese defense officials now believe the North is in possession of a nuclear warhead small enough to fit onto one of its ICBMS. The isolated country launched three short-range missiles into the East Sea Friday night – its first missile test in nearly a month – after US officials had praised Kim’s restraint earlier in the week.
Ron Hubbard, president of Atlas Survival Shelters, a firm based in Montebello, California, said he expects to sell 1,000 shelters this year at a price of $25,000 apiece, according to McClatchy.

"Sales and inquiries have spiked, according to several of the U.S. companies that make money from doomsday fears.

News: A 10,000% Sex Robot Tax? + Listen And Believe

Turd Flinging Monkey: What would a tax on sex robots mean? Not much. A special report from Celestina, Sex Doll Correspondent for TFM News.

Populist Mechanics + Gartman Meets Harvey - WB7

27 Aug 2017

Prediction: Impending Strike On Syria By Trump Or Israel?

SyrianGirl: Some of the signs that have been emerging lately.

Western Wars Have Killed Four Million Muslims Since 1990

Bought and paid for by Jewish financiers lobbies the West is directed to drop around 30,000 bombs annually on Muslim nations
By Nafeez Ahmed: Last month, the Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PRS) released a landmark study concluding that the death toll from 10 years of the “War on Terror” since the 9/11 attacks is at least 1.3 million, and could be as high as 2 million.
The 97-page report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning doctors’ group is the first to tally up the total number of civilian casualties from US-led counter-terrorism interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The PSR report is authored by an interdisciplinary team of leading public health experts, including Dr. Robert Gould, director of health professional outreach and education at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, and Professor Tim Takaro of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

US Congress Quietly Passed Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches Of Homes - Only 1% Opposed It

By Rachel Blevins: A bill that will allow homes to be searched without a warrant was passed with overwhelming support by the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Trump—and it happened with no media coverage and very little fanfare.
On the surface, House Joint Resolution 76 looks harmless. The title of the bill claims that its purpose is Granting the consent and approval of Congress for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, and the District of Columbia to enter into a compact relating to the establishment of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission.”

Welcome To The United Banana Kingdom Part One

 By Gilad Atzmon: In 21st century Britain, law obedient citizens are subject to police raids and state terror for expressing their thoughts about the Israeli regime and its forceful lobby.
Yesterday I posted the following humorous meme on my Facebook page:
Within minutes reports and testimonies of British victims of police raids popped up on my page. I am sharing a few of them here. As you can see, none of those police actions led to criminal charges. We have a good reason to suspect that we are dealing here with an orchestrated Orwellian campaign that is designed to interfere with our ability to think freely and express those thoughts.

The Absurd Political Climate & The ACLU

Throw me in the trash i will not survive the culture war.

Men On Strike

"There are many reasons, some of them are the legal issues,
the risks for men are very high for marriage.
Men don't tend to get custody of their kids as often, they tend
to be the ones who pay alimony. We changed a lot of laws for women, because we thought that the old ways were not right, but now we still haven't replaced a lot of draconian rules for men and they're getting worse!" Said Dr. Helen Smith.

Best Feminist Fails & SJW Cringe Compilation 2017

ASSLASS BUBBLED - William Banzai7

26 Aug 2017

A Sinister War On Our Right To Hold Cash

By NEO: An operation that began as a seemingly obscure academic discussion three years ago is now becoming a full-blown propaganda campaign by some of the most powerful institutions in the industrialized world. This is what rightly should be termed the War on Cash. Like the War on Terror, the War on Cancer or the War on Drugs, its true agenda is sinister and opaque. If we are foolish enough to swallow the propaganda for complete elimination of cash in favor of pure digital bank money, we can pretty much kiss our remaining autonomy and privacy goodbye. George Orwell’s 1984 will be here on steroids. 
Let me be clear. Here we discuss not various block-chain digital technologies, so-called crypto-currencies. We are not addressing private payment systems such as China’s WeChat. Nor do we discuss e-banking or use of bank credit cards such as Visa or Master Card or others. These are of an entirely different quality from the goal of the ongoing sinister war on cash. They are all private services not state.
What we are discussing is a plot, and it is a plot, by leading central banks, select governments, the International Monetary Fund in collusion with major international banks to force citizens—in other words, us!

Never-Ending Trump Surge In The Markets

Max and Stacy discuss Democrats not looking forward to Hillary’s ‘blame everyone but herself’ book tour. In the second half Max interviews Wolf Richter of WolfStreet.com about the never ending Trump surge in the markets.

Mike Buchanan Discusses The Gender Pay Gap With Three Feminists

Mike Buchanan: The man to my left in this discussion informed me half an hour before the programme that he knew little about the gender pay gap, and he seemed disinterested in the information I was relating to him, after learning I was an anti-feminist. He clearly knew little about feminism, either. The other two participants didn't seem any better informed on the subject of the gender pay gap. I don't think I've ever enjoyed being in a televised discussion more than this one.

Conspiracy Theory

By Paul Craig Roberts: In the United States “conspiracy theory” is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or whatever we want to call those who set and control the agendas and the explanations that support the agendas.
The explanations imposed on us by the ruling class are themselves conspiracy theories. Moreover, they are conspiracy theories designed to hide the real conspiracy that our rulers are operating.
For example, the official explanation of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory. Some Muslims, mainly Saudi Arabians, delivered the greatest humiliation to a superpower since David slew Goliath. They outsmarted all 17 US intelligence agencies and those of NATO and Israel, the National Security Council, the Transportation Safety Administration, Air Traffic Control, and Dick Cheney, hijacked four US airliners on one morning, brought down three World Trade Center skyscrapers, destroyed that part of the Pentagon where research was underway into the missing $2.3 trillion, and caused the morons in Washington to blame Afghanistan instead of Saudi Arabia.
Clearly, the Saudia Arabians who humiliated Ameria were involved in a conspiracy to do so.

Dennis Wise Debunks Claims Of Hitler Being Controlled Opposition

GCSE Results 2017

By MRA-UK: Well, at least the headlines in the lame-stream media are not as misleading as they were for the A Levels. Girls are doing emphatically better than boys, as they have been doing since GCSEs replaced O Levels in 1987.
Results at the new top grade 9 (from here)
A new grading system was introduced this year for pupils in England in three subjects: English Language, English Literature and Maths. The new scoring has 9 as the top grade, and this represents a higher level of performance than the previous A* (which is equivalent to a new grade 8 or 9). The graphic which heads this post shows the results by gender in this top grade. Roughly twice as many girls got top grade 9s (the caption claims 60% of grade 9s were for girls, but I think this is an under-estimate).
However, this is partly because there were two English subjects, in which girls do better, but just one subject, maths, in which boys do better. Boys got roughly 40% more grade 9s in maths. But girls’ dominance in English was more emphatic – with about twice as many girls getting grade 9s in English Literature, and nearly three times as many in English Language.
Achieving top grades at GCSE is significant because this is a reliable indicator of A Level performance – and hence university entrance. For example, your chances of getting an A* at physics A Level if you did not get an A* at GCSE are virtually zero.

Men And Women Are Held To Different Standards

6oodfella: It shouldn't even be possible for me to be on my 11th video in this playlist, but it just keeps happening.

Mugabe Will Redistribute Last Of Colonialists' Farms

Those who murdered white colonialists in 2000 will be treated the same as the whites who murdered natives to acquire the land in the first place - No prosecutions as Mugabe asks 'what's the point?' 
By Tyler Durden: 93-year-old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe made it clear in an address this week that people who murdered white colonialists farmers during a government-sanctioned purge in the 2000s will never be prosecuted.
In 2000, Zimbabwe implemented a controversial land reform program that saw natives invade and re-capture hundreds of white-colonialist's stolen land around the country. As Newsweek details, the violent seizures resulted in the murder of several white farmers, with many more displaced, and close associates of Mugabe given large chunks of land.
And now, speaking at a rally in Harare, Mugabe confirmed this massacre will go unpunished, according to Zimbabwean news site NewsDay. 
“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask, why should we arrest them?”

25 Aug 2017

Another Feminist Rubbishing Father's Day

Lunatic SJW who argues that father's day is harmful to children.

A Military Junta Is Now Ruling The United States

By Moon of Alabama: According to a 1950s political theory The Structure of Power in American Society is mainly build on three elite groups, the high military, the corporation executives and the political directorate. (The "political directorate" can best be described as the bureaucracy, the CIA and their proxies within Congress.)
On election day I noted that only the military had supported The Not-Hillary President. The corporate and executive corners of the triangle had pushed for Hillary Clinton and continued to do so even after Trump had won. (Only recently did the "collusion with Russia" nonsense suddenly die down.) I wrote:
The military will demand its due beyond the three generals now in Trump's cabinet.
That turned out to be right. A military junta is now ruling the United States:
Inside the White House, meanwhile, generals manage Trump’s hour-by-hour interactions and whisper in his ear — and those whispers, as with the decision this week to expand U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, often become policy. At the core of Trump’s circle is a seasoned trio of generals with experience as battlefield commanders:

Satire As Grotesque As The Hypocrisy It Skewers

By Marguerite Dabaie: The first thing comics artist Eli Valley describes in the introduction to Diaspora Boy is a statue in Warsaw, built to commemorate the Jews who died in the ghetto and erected less than one month before the declaration of the state of Israel, founded on the ethnically cleansed Palestinian homeland, in 1948.
One side of the memorial is a monumental display of strong, bold figures “bursting from the granite blocks.” The other side, however, features a small bas-relief showing a procession in which “the horrors that had devastated the largest Jewish community in Europe were suggested, but only as a footnote.”
Valley asks: “How could they bifurcate heroism into victimhood? Isn’t that a grotesque oversimplification, not to mention an obscene insult to those who were murdered?”
These questions and observations set the tone of this collection of comics originally published between 2007 and 2016. All are deeply critical of Israeli policy, politicians and the construct of the “real” Jew as a domineering force vengefully taking hold of the “Jewish homeland.”
Most of the venues that published Valley’s work over the years, such as Jewcy, The Forward and +972 Magazine, are geared toward a Jewish audience.

90% Of UK Universities Restrict Free Speech, 60% Severely

"It's about silencing views people dislike." 
RT UK: A study has revealed that over 60% of universities in the UK are severely restricting freedom of speech.

Feminist Construction Sign Throws Fathers Under The Bus

"Shouldn't the sign read my DAD works here?"
Rebel Canada: David Menzies has another case of political correctness trumping reality, with construction signs that suggest there are as many female workers in the industry as male.

Being An Introvert - Exceptionally Excellent & Powerful

Hell Hath No Fury

By : A man cannot have a conversation with a woman like he can with another man. If he’s been programmed to think with a feminist mindset, he has to say this to himself before every conversation with a woman, otherwise its more likely he’ll be led down a meaningless string of words that have no value and don’t evolve into a greater relationship. Men who equate a woman’s intents and words with equal quality or value to their own are bozos who get chumped by girls on the regular. Only a fool can get the run-around from women continually month after month, year after year, and not pickup that they speak from a different perspective with an entirely different purpose.
Many women cop an attitude when they want to object to something rational and male, just because. Feminists (or perhaps all women at some point in their lives) do this out of spite for masculinity. However, in general women will do this at random to test the men in their lives, pushing boundaries to see what men are made of.
This is in their nature, and there is no way around this. If men aren’t aware of this function they might succumb to confusion when they should display certainty.

Policing Twitter Returns Us To The Dark Ages

'This is not just totalitarianism in action but a recipe for ever angrier and more resentful behaviour.'
By Kathy Gyngell: Well before the end of the last century, Britain had established a democratic rule of law and civil society that was the envy of the world.
Ask almost any immigrant arriving in this country in the last 50 years why they chose to come here instead of elsewhere and they will tell you it was for the rule of law. That is how the once Filipino, now British, man at the till of my local Waitrose put it to me the other week. To live safely in a civil society was his primary desire - above and beyond even getting a job or speaking a known language. If there was any remaining concern about equality under the law, it was dealt with by new anti-discrimination laws in the 1970s
Now the DPP is set on destroying the very civility so valued by these new arrivals through a corruption of the purpose and principles of the law, representative of less open and more totalitarian societies.
This is what Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is doing with her newly constructed online hate crime law campaign.  It is a pity she cannot be laughed off as a bossy head girl. But, as Laura Perrins tweeted yesterday, Robespierre would be proud.

24 Aug 2017

Free Speech Destroyers - The Gutless Leading The Clueless

Intro. by ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In the most calm and scholarly manner David Icke delves into the meaning of censorship, the reasoning behind it and who drives this dark force.

Jemma Beale Serial False Rape & Sexual Assault Accuser, Destroyer Of Dozens Of Innocent Men's Lives - 10 Years Jail

One Of The Men Spent Two Years In Prison
Falsely Accused And Convicted Of Rape & Sexual Assault Thanks To Duluth Model Trained Judiciary,
Judicial Advisors And Police Mandated By Duluth Model Feminist Government Directives To Arrest The Men First And Ask Questions Later - Anti-Male Sexism.
By Richard Hartley-Parkinson: A woman who ruined the lives of at least nine innocent men by accusing them of rape has been jailed for 10 years.
Jemma Beale, 25, was found guilty earlier this year of four counts of perjury and four counts of perverting the course of justice.
One of her victims, Mahan Cassim, was jailed for seven years as a result of Beale’s lies that she had been raped by him in November 2010.
Another, Noam Shazad, fled the country in fear after he was presented with allegations that he had taken part in a gang rape at a pub.

Empire Of Debt

"Central banksters smoking their own belly button lint." Said Stacy Herbert. 
Max & Stacy discuss the narcissism of central banks holding $15 trillion in their own assets. They also discuss Morgan Stanley saying that some of their investors see Bitcoin as a better hedge to inflation than gold.