11 Aug 2017

Max Keiser "AFRAID FOR HIS SAFETY" Following Physically Menacing Threats From Literally 'Fascist' UK Regulators!

Max Keiser speaks on
the lack of free speech in Britain
and why he has travelled to new places to film his show.
During an interview Josh Sigurdson conducted with Max Keiser of The Keiser Report on RT, Max spoke on why he was no longer doing the show in London, but instead travelling to different places with Stacy Herbert to shoot the show on location.
Max first shot his show from Paris and then London with the incredible view we all remember, but according to Keiser, things weren't as good as they seemed. Max was threatened by regulators and when asked by Josh what he was threatened with, Max said,
"They were threatening in a very belligerent manner that made us feel as if our safety was not exactly secure. On behalf of some energy companies (mainly) Ofcom which is their regulator in the UK, they work with corporations to stifle speech. In the UK they're trying to get fracking in in a big way. The biggest group of activists and journalists that have been murdered over the past ten years have been those in the environmentalist movement. The ecological warriors if you will. People say journalists are getting killed in this country or that country but the biggest group has been environmentalists. They've been killed. Hundreds of them."
This is the first time Max has dug into this problem publicly and it's startling news. Ofcom (The Office Of Communications) is a government mandated regulatory authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industry in the UK.
Ofcom tends to have the final say over media mergers, buyups and most importantly, what is said on television period.


Bond Market Bubble
Max and Stacy discuss the private prisons shaking down municipalities across America for more inmates. In the second half Max interviews Trace Mayer about the latest with bitcoin.

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