8 Aug 2017

Responding To Anti-MGTOW Videos: Discount Shoe0nHead Can't Do Research

Turd Flinging Monkey: Note: Genuine Peach isn't affiliated with Shoe0nHead. I just noticed how she was obviously copying her format and even humor to an almost "single white female" degree.

Genuine Peach: Woman Explains How MGTOW is Ruining your Life

bar bar (Barbarossa): A rejection of the MGTOW "Manifesto"

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MGTOW: Regarding In-Fighting and Self-Actualization

News: One Good Reason for a Man to Marry

MGTOW is Feminism For Men?

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  1. Government of any size is bad. As has been mentioned, it's not getting the right people voted in, the system itself that's bound to fail. Time for open direct democracy or anarchy. Anarchy is Greek for without a king, just as monarchy is the Greek for one king and the O around the A is Order, i.e. collective agreement. When we delegate our responsibilities to middlepersons we deserve what we get. We have the technology; only shit flushing comfort and fear of a black planet are holding back the velvet revolution. :p