8 Sep 2017

Proposals To Increase Number Of Female UK MPs Rejected

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Good news in The Guardian. It’s not often I use those words in that sequence.
Maria ‘Manatee’ Miller and Sophie ‘Doughnuts’ Walker of the Wimmin’s Equality Party must be howling at the moon. It’s a good day to be alive. Is the Conservative government finally finding some spine by saying ‘No’ to these relentless harridans? More, please.
Manatee and Doughnuts remind me of something we posted onto our YouTube channel two months after we launched J4MB in 2013 – here (cartoon video, 2:10). A hapless male interviewer in a TV studio interviews Wilhelmina Ballbreaker, from the feminist charity, ‘Equality for Women’. Her character was clearly inspired by Hitlery Clinton.


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