21 Sep 2017

The Revolutionary Poop-le

By Gilad Atzmon: Poopootov cocktails (plastic or glass jars filled with a mix of human excrement and water) have become the prime anarchist weapons in the revolutionary struggle toward a utopian diverse universe. In America and other Identitarian battlefronts around the world there have been repeated incidents of social justice heroes hitting their enemies with cocktail missiles made of urine, poop and other juicy ingredients that originate from the human body. Antifa is not alone in its choice, in Venezuela it is actually the anti socialist anarchists led by Henrique Capriles Radonski who are excitedly using poopootov ballistics.
I wonder, what is it that motivates young revolutionaries to throw their excrement on others? What kind of zeal leads to such a disgusting crude dismissal of otherness? What are the political and ideological roots of this emerging pervasive new ethos?

In Israel, throwing Used diapers and eggs at political opponents is a common tactic. Orthodox Jews in Israel frequently throw dirty nappies at policemen. And the obsession with faeces is not unique to orthodox Jews.  Last year we saw the Anarchist Israeli artist Natali Cohen Vaxberg  video herself defecating on a list of national flags, thereby lowering anti nationalism to a new level. Cohen Vaxberg is not an orthodox Jew: she is a Jewish atheist, pro Palestinian and a revolutionary anarchist. We can see that within the context of the Jewish political universe, for the orthodox, the secular and anarchists, turning faeces into a political message is a kosher political manoeuvre.
Historians of anarchist warfare reveal that dropping poop on the heads of enemies is not a new tactic. In 1936, in London, at the peak of the legendary Battle of Cable Street, female anti Fascists  emptied chamber pots from higher floor windows on the heads of Mosley’s British Union of Fascists as well as British police forces. The Battle of Cable Street is no doubt the greatest and most celebrated moment in the British Jewish left resistance.
However the 1930’s Cable street dumping was not an isolated event. In the wake of the battle in Charlottesville, Virginia last August where Antifa confronted American White nationalists using crude violence and poopootov missiles, the Jewish Forward was kind enough to allow that  “The Original ‘Antifa’ Was actually A Jewish Anti-Nazi Militia.” In his article on Charlottesville events, Forward writer Mark B. Williams reveals how NJ Jews mobilised the mafia against the isolationist German-American Bund.
“In the late 1930’s, there was a legal pro-Nazi movement called the German-American Bund. The Bund started having large rallies in North Jersey and elsewhere, with the goal of keeping the US from entering World War II on the side of the allies. Most Americans of the time were deeply isolationist. The last thing they wanted to do was send American boys to fight and die in another European war. So the Bund’s activities were not that surprising, and found fertile ground in many quarters. But the local Jewish population was alarmed by the pro-Nazi rhetoric of the Bund, not to mention the sight of brown-shirted activists chanting and sharing Nazi salutes right here in the good old USA.
The leading lights of the Jewish community asked the local police and Sherriff’s offices to stop these gatherings, but, getting no help, decided to raise the matter to a higher authority. They appealed for protection to the Jewish mob boss of Newark, Abner “Longie” Zwillman. Zwillman agreed to help. He had his chief enforcer, ex-prize fighter Sidney Nathan Abramowitz (better known as “Nat Arno”, the name by which he is immortalized in the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame) organize a ‘civil rights group’, which they called ‘the Minutemen.’…The Minutemen were essentially an armed group of Jewish mobsters, thugs, and wise guys like Jake. When Nat Arno gave the word that the Nazis were assembling, these denizens of the saloons, pool halls and other dens of iniquity in North Jersey would leave their usual haunts and head to the Nazi rallies. Much like today’s Antifa, the Minutemen’s preferred tools of persuasion were not logic and reason, but baseball bats, brass knuckles, rubber coated pipes and the occasional stink bomb.” (http://forward.com/life/family/380923/the-original-antifa-was-a-jewish-anti-nazi-militia/)
Throwing poop on others is a crude manifestation of an inflated sense of impunity; a deeply held belief in self-righteousness. And this is what choseness and exceptionalism  are all about -- it is the ultimate persuasion that you are always right and truth is on your side. This belief in choseness is deeply rooted in Jewish culture (as opposed to Judaism), both Zionism and ‘anti’. However, as I show in my latest book Being in Time, progressives often fall into the same trap. Since progressives believe that other people are ‘reactionary,’ progressiveness can easily turn into blind  intolerance. This is the reality presented by Orwell in 1984. It is the Guardian of Judea syndrome in which the pseudo Athenian call for diversity and tolerance becomes a monolithic Jerusalemite tyranny of correctness.     
From Anal to Phallic
According to Freud, the anal stage is the second stage in human psychosexual development. As he describes it, during the anal stage the libido becomes focused on the anus and the child derives great pleasure from defecating. It is supposed to last between the ages of 18 months to three years. We have good reason to believe that revolutionary anarchist and poopootov enthusiasts, in particular,  may be experiencing a delayed manifestation of the anal stage. Somehow they become fixated on their faeces while at Uni.
If poop anarchism and kaka ballistic is a direct outcome of a delayed anal stage, we ought to encourage contemporary revolutionary anarchists to proceed towards the relatively intimate phallic stage so they learn to seek pleasure from their genitals by means of masturbation. According to Freud, it is at the phallic stage when the child becomes aware of the anatomical sex differences between men and woman. It may be possible that when anarchist learn how to indulge themselves in masturbation they may even accept that sexuality is a binary realm after all.

Transitive relation (if a=b & b=c then a=c) - If poop is personal and the personal is political then poop is political




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