31 Oct 2017

Big Brother In Little China +

The most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Story #1: Big Data Meets Big Brother As China Moves To Rate Its Citizens http://bit.ly/2gYBIpE Sesame Credit: China’s Creepy New Social Engineering Experiment (Dec. 19, 2017) http://bit.ly/2f96I7J Black Mirror: ‘Nosedive’ http://bit.ly/2e9fSNz It Begins: Canadian Gov Rolls Out Points To Reward Good Citizens http://bit.ly/2zbjOKI Story #2: Civilians Can Earn Points By Helping Police Finding Stolen Cars http://bit.ly/2yMX3MN PDF: Netherlands Future of Police Missions http://bit.ly/2z91QJ0 “Being Excited By The Neighbors Does Not Feel Good” http://bit.ly/2ljyi5q So You’ve Decided To Boycott Google…. http://bit.ly/2hcDDXI Fewer Cars Stolen In The Netherlands; Thefts Drop To “Historic Low” http://bit.ly/2iBy4FL Ep. 145 - You Are Being Gamed http://bit.ly/2z91S3A Mobile Phone Companies Selling Your Number, Location http://tcrn.ch/2xIWlQP Story #3: Phoenix 2.0: CIA To Unleash Vietnam Era Terror Campaign On Afghanistan http://bit.ly/2zMnC2m Wikipedia: Phoenix Program http://bit.ly/1Q1V8Xh The Phoenix Program: America's Use of Terror in Vietnam by Douglas Valentine http://bit.ly/2gMDX29 Interview 1248 – Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix Program http://bit.ly/2kQlnGO


What's In The JFK Files? - An Open Source Investigation
Corbett: So, the much-ballyhooed JFK files have been released (mostly? sort of?), and exactly as predicted they point more fingers back at those dastardly Russkies and their lone wolf shooter Oswald. Well, no one was expecting to find Allen Dulles' signature on the hit contract, were they? Still, there are interesting nuggets to be found in the release, so let's get to work.

Join the investigation: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=24734


The Dream of Technocracy - Why Big Oil Conquered The World
Corbett: When Hubbert wrote his Technocracy Study Course, he made it clear that technocracy could not come to fruition without 24/7 surveillance of all energy usage and a continuous stream of data about all goods being produced by and consumed by society. But whereas in the 1930s such a system must have seemed like a delusional flight of fancy, today it is already being implemented...

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