29 Dec 2017

Scottish Police To Be Trained To Spot New Domestic Abuse Offence - To Increase Proportion Of Prisoners With A Penis

By : Our thanks to Steve for this – a piece about invented domestic abuse by a female ‘journalist’ in The Guardian, what are the chances? An extract:
The chief executive of Scottish Women’s Aid, Marsha Scott, said: “Women have been telling us for years that it is emotional abuse that is most harmful.
“This is a unique way to draft legislation that allows for victimless prosecution of domestic violence. Because you don’t have to prove harm to the victim [because of the reasonable person test] it could reduce the [J4MB: ALLEGED] re-victimisation of women in court. [J4MB: And increase the victimisation of men in the court. Win-win!] It’s a shift in the culture to focus on the perpetrator rather than the victim, and concentrating on the key question of how we stop men abusing.” [J4MB emphasis]
Since the introduction of the English coercive control legislation, concerns have been raised that it is not being used enough and has created an unhelpful hierarchy of harms, in part due to a lack of specialist training for police officers.
Committing to funding the officer training [J4MB: Hmm, who will carry out that training? Women’s Aid or Refuge, as usual?] on Thursday, the justice secretary, Michael Matheson, said: “Attitudes towards domestic abuse are changing – it’s no longer seen as a private matter, or no business of criminal law. [J4MB: It hasn’t been seen as either of these things for 40+ years.]

We’re doing everything we can to tackle the scourge that is domestic abuse at every opportunity – supporting victims, tackling perpetrators with enhanced legislation, and also tackling the underlying attitudes and inequalities that very often create the conditions for violence against women and girls [J4MB emphasis] to take place. There’s no place for it in Scotland [J4MB: Unlike violence against men and boys, by implication] and this new funding will greatly assist in tackling it.”
It’s a relief to learn from the Scottish justice secretary that in his country there are no female perpetrators of domestic violence, and no male victims. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the UK, where probably a majority of perpetrators are female, the majority of victims male.


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