4 Jan 2017

Feminist Triggered By Baby Boy Growing Inside Her +

SugarTits: Hi Guys!! Let's take a look at a feminist who suffered through a traumatic experience, when she learned her baby girl was in fact..................... a yucky baby boy with gross dangly bit's.

Philip Davies And The Temple Of Feminist Zealots

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Earlier today Sargon of Akkad – an influential vlogger with almost 514,000 subscribers – posted a piece including a critique of a recent interview of Philip Davies MP and Caroline Lucas MP (co-leader, Green Party) by the snarky Jo Coburn, a presenter on the flagship BBC lunchtime programme, Daily Politics. The topic of discussion was Davies’s nomination (later confirmed) to the Women and Equalities Committee.
Sargon Of Akkad:

Despite being released only today, the video has already attracted over 27,000 viewers.

Russians Respond To Obama's Hacking Sanctions

Julie Borowski: PARODY! Obama is upset at Russia for hacking the election! He has ordered Russian diplomats out of US! How will the Russians respond?!

SJWs Go Metal

Music by Gary Orsum

Thousands Of Women Knitting ‘Pussy’ Hats To Wear To Protest Trump’s Inauguration

J4MB: Another piece for the overflowing ‘You couldn’t make this s*** up!’ filing cabinet.
By Full Feminist Retard HS: Women’s marches are scheduled in Washington DC and other major cities the day following Donald Trump’s inauguration and women across the country are knitting pinkpussyhats to wear at the protests. The hats have little cat ears and are an obvious homage to Trump’s infamous grab them by the pussy comment.

Misandric Baroness Chakrabarti’s £500,000 To Help Girls Get Degrees - Despite Them Already Doing Better Than Boys

Via Jeff, J4MB: The start of the piece:

Shami Chakrabarti was accused of hypocrisy last night after launching a women-only degree fund – despite girls doing better than boys at university.
The baroness, who was handed a peerage by Jeremy Corbyn last year, established the £500,000 bursary at Essex University, where she is chancellor – and where there are already more female students than male.
She claimed the initiative would close the ‘education gender gap’ and help end ‘gender injustice’ in society.
But official figures show teenage girls are 35 per cent more likely to go to university than boys, with white working-class boys the most disadvantaged group.
Tory MP Philip Davies, a member of the Commons women and equalities committee, said Lady Chakrabarti’s claim about what the fund would achieve was asham’.

Predatory Promises

Max and Stacy discuss the run up in bitcoin prices and the runs on pension funds in Dallas, Texas. The two are related by predatory promises made by politicians and officials to various groups of voters throughout the years – usually tied to an election cycle. They also discuss how the biggest pension in the world, Calpers, is cutting benefits to some retirees by up to 60 percent.

Here’s The Best Summary Of The Washington Post’s Latest ‘Fake News’ Fiasco

By Michael Krieger: It’s quite ironic that the one newspaper most hysterical in warning the American public about the dangers offake news,” has become the most prolific publisher of it. The most recent example, of course, relates to the entirely made up story that those dastardly Russians had hacked into the U.S. power grid through a Vermont utility. The paper’s source for the story? Anonymous government officials. Unsurprisingly, the entire thing was a fairytale.
Most of you will already be aware of the story, but this is such a monumental example of journalistic malpractice, it deserve far more attention and scrutiny.
In that regard, Forbes contributor Kalev Leetaru, has done an excellent job of shining further light on how it all went down in his piece, “Fake News” And How The Washington Post Rewrote Its Story On Russian Hacking Of The Power Grid. Here are some key excerpts:
On Friday the Washington Post sparked a wave of fear when it ran the breathless headline “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, U.S. officials say.” The lead sentence offered “A code associated with the Russian hacking operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe by the Obama administration has been detected within the system of a Vermont utility, according to U.S. officials” and continued “While the Russians did not actively use the code to disrupt operations of the utility,

Murder Is Not Right. It's Left

johntheother: If mainstream journalism champions the murder of diplomats - there is no civilization.
Additional: So, somebody pointed out, in a rebuttal to me (beginning with "sorry John") that the political right also makes free use of murder as a tool of statecraft. That commenter is correct. However, it is not my claim that government on the left uses murder while government on the right does not - which would be a silly claim to make - especially noting that I began writing about political fuckery during the administration of George W Bush. My point in this video - is that in the mainstream of politically-left thought, murder is accepted and praised.

Ann Coulter TRIGGERS 100 Feminist Single Mothers With STATISTICAL FACTS

Captain Nemo: Declaration of interest - the host used to be a Roman Catholic priest, he left the RC church and became an Episcopalian after he was caught having a relationship with a woman and breaking his vow of celibacy, he went on to marry a single mother.