8 Jan 2017

Agree With Me Or You Are A Nazi!

Bearing: SJW's are the virtuous arbiter of acceptable speech and if we do not conform to their instructions then we are nothing but vile disgusting Nazis! Regards, Bearing.

Violence Against Man Led To Woman’s Head Crushed By Stone

: The extent of criminalization of men and violence against men easily prompts despair among the warm-hearted. In twelfth-century Byzantium, the eminent writer Theodore Prodromos apparently turned to macabre comedy as a remedy for despair. In his novel Rhodanthe and Dosikles, Prodromos described bizarrely reverberating violence and vindication through fierce inquisitorial fire.
Kratandros fell in love with his neighbor, the maiden Chrysochroe. He revealed his flame for her through a messenger. She agreed to marry him. They arranged secretly for him to come to her room on an appointed evening. Then they would give and receive pledges of love in person.
The lovers’ attempt to meet generated macabre comedy. With images used in figuring the seduction of a virgin, Kratandros reported moving forward:

when I approached the gate at the entrance,
I opened the doors that were shut,
drawing back their wooden bolt,
and putting forward a quiet foot
I hastened to make my way to Chrysochroe. [1]

How To Avoid Ending Up On Your Own With A Cat

To those who received a proposal of marriage over Christmas, I say congratulations. To those women who received a PlayStation instead of a thoughtful gift, I say dump him. And to those ladies out there who deeply want to find a loving husband but are no closer to that aim than this time last year, I say pull up a seat and listen to some wise advice from your Auntie Laura.
During my time of reflection over the Christmas holidays, I ventured on to the left-leaning website The Atlantic. There I found an article from 2011, All the Singles Ladies.
This very lengthy piece describes the life and loves of a one Katie Bolick, who to cut a long story short, wanted to get married but it never happened. So now she is embracing her singlehood by asking us all ‘to acknowledge the end of “traditional” marriage as society’s highest ideal.’ Good luck with that.
Anyway I did think it was interesting that Katie described a kitchen table chat with some twenty something women to get their views on marriage. As you can imagine after 40 years of feminism, these ladies know that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle! Not so! It seems the universal need for a life partner trumps feminist clap-trap after all.

Angry Feminist & SJW Instant Karma

ABLAZE: In today's video we look at some angry feminist getting owned.

Farrakhan: Mr. Trump Is God's Man To Dismantle, To Upset America And The World

The Final Call: Louis Farrakhan granted a Skype-based interview with noted Iranian journalist Nader Talebzadeh based in Tehran. In February, 2016, a Nation of Islam delegation led by Minister Farrakhan made a special trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran as the Muslim nation celebrated the 37th anniversary of its revolution amid the end of U.S. sanctions.

Emperor Of Horse Shit + Nothing To Hide - William Banzai7

Jewish State Of Israel Plot To 'Take Down' Tory Ministers

By Gilad Atzmon: Both The Daily Mail and The Guardian are reporting today that an Israeli embassy official has been caught on camera in an undercover sting plotting totake downmembers of the British parliament regarded as hostile, including the Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan – an outspoken supporter of Palestinian statehood.In the video Shai Masot, who describes himself as anofficer in the IDFwas recorded in conversation about a hit list of British MPs.

Why Do Blacks Hate White People? - Chicago Kidnapping

This story kinda fucked up my motivation when recording because it's so horrible to think about, even by internet standards lol. But I think it's important. Said That Guy T