27 Jan 2017

Europe Proposes "Restrictions On Payments In Cash"

Simply put, the data doesn’t support their assertion.
It’s just another hoax that will give them more power at the expense of your privacy and freedom.
Submitted by Tyler Durden: Having discontinued its production of EUR500 banknotes, it appears Europe is charging towards the utopian dream of a cashless society. Just days after Davos' elites discussed why the world needs to "get rid of currency," the European Commission has introduced a proposal enforcing "restrictions on payments in cash."
With Rogoff, Stiglitz, Summers et al. all calling for the end of cash - because only terrorists and drug-dealers need cash (nothing at all to do with totalitarian control over a nation's wealth) - we are not surprised that this proposal from the European Commission (sanctuary of statism) would appear...

March Of The Retarded Women + Reacting To Signs From Women's March

TheLondonGroup Tlg: The Women's March, London, 21st January 2017. - The day thousands of women (and some men) took to the streets of London to protest the new US president Donald Trump. Wearing giant vagina costumes, holding signs saying 'Trump is a dickhead' and still pretending what he said was sexual assault (no it wasn't), these women proceeded to make a massive embarrassment of themselves. Luckily for you, we caught it all on camera. Enjoy.

Zionist Cuck Trump May Cut Funding To UN If It Dares To Recognize Palestinian State

By Nathan Guttman: A massive cut in American funding for the United Nations could be in the works if President Trump signs an executive order prepared by his Ultra Zionist Jewish aides. The order, first reported by the New York Times on Wednesday, will cut at least 40% of funding for the international body and its agencies, if they do the right thing and grant full membership status to the Palestinians. US Congress has already passed legislation requiring funding cuts to UN bodies that recognize a Palestinian state, resulting in a cut to American funding for UNESCO.

Mexican President Cancels Trump Meeting

"We will never ever pay for the Fucking Wall."
By Sunita Patel-Carstairs: Mexico's president has said he will not meet Donald Trump next week amid a deepening war of words over US plans for a border wall.
The American leader had earlier threatened to cancel the Washington talks due to Enrique Pena Nieto's refusal to pay for the controversial barrier.

President Trump, who is in Philadelphia to meet top Republicans, tweeted: "The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers...

"... of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting."

"We Are Getting Generationally Dumber!"

By Martin Armstrong: Recent studies are discovering that each generation is becoming increasingly stupid. A study from Iceland has highlighted a downward spiral in human intelligence. The genetics firm in Reykjavik found that groups of genes that predispose people to spend more years in education became a little rarer in the country from 1910 to 1975. The sample size was more than 100,000 Icelanders. They found a slight decline over the 65-year period.
There may be another explanation for this trend. The more affluent a society becomes, several factors unleash. The birthrate declines sharply, for as people become wealthier, women prefer not to have children. The poorest cultures have the greatest number of births because children take care of their parents. In our new age of socialism, government has replaced the family unit. Ask a girl under thirty in the United States if she wants to have children today and you are likely to get the answer, “No.” According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, in 2014, 47.6% of women between age 15 and 44 had never had children, up from 46.5% in 2012. The more affluent a society becomes, the lower the birthrate.
The next side effect is intelligence.

“Known Genital Mutilator” Hans Pohl, MD Of Children’s National Health System

By : note: Apparently the doctors performing circumcision at the Children’s National Health System are ashamed of their actions and have removed any reference to those mutilations on their website. My listing of Dr. Hsieh clearly shows “circumcision” as one of his specialties, which has since been removed from the website, as has happened here under Dr. Pohl’s specialties. I can only hope the stigma of mutilating infants becomes so great as to actually stop it.
Hans Pohl, MD [right] has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
He is listed as a Urologist at the Children’s National Health System, and following these menus we find that he performs circumcision as the treatment” of the “condition” known as “foreskin:”
Choose Children’s -> Conditions and Treatments -> Urology -> Circumcision
From the “Children’s Team” we find Dr. Pohl, and his “Biography:”
Hans Pohl, MD [right], was born in Los Angeles, and moved to Washington, DC, for medical school. During medical school, Dr. Pohl became interested in surgery, with a particular fascination for reconstructive procedures. He remained at GW in the Department of Surgery and Urology as a resident. During his rotation at Children’s National Health System as a Urology resident, he found himself particularly drawn to Pediatric Urology and, more specifically, to understanding how best to treat patients with urinary tract infections and vesicoureteral reflux.

Feminists Are The New Mafia

johntheother: The reason that I have put this handsome radical feminist women on your screen [yes she's single] is that she's the spokes model for Vancouver's women rape relief shelter, ...she's also ironically attacking the one man who's done more to protect women from criminal sexual exploitation than almost any other person in Canada.

Man Love: Can Men Love Each Other On Deeper Levels?

By : We know that a man can truly love another man in a gay relationship and that this can be authentic and rich, for them. But, can a heterosexual man love another man truly, deeply, in a non-sexual way, without shame and fear? How would this affect society as a whole?
Lately, I have been thinking and feeling into this question a lot through my own coaching work, with reference to one-on-one male interactions and group sharings in the form of men’s circles. I’ve been exploring deeper friendships with other men, showing more vulnerability, being more present with other men, and the potential in these relationships to help me evolve and love as a man is enormous.
If men could deeply love other men, if this was truly possible, why would another man want this, what would it look like, how would this feel, and more importantly, what would this mean to the life of men in general? And the life of women?
So as a man, I ask you:
If you had deeper meaningful connections and felt genuine love for more men in your life, how would this be for you? If you had male friends who you could openly talk to about anything in your life, and be heard unconditionally, without being judged, what would this mean in your own life?
How would this affect your interactions with men in general?
How would this affect your relationship to women?
How would this affect your relationship to yourself and self-acceptance?

Feminist Sex Wars

Barbara4u2c: Took a while to make this video & it's my longest one so far. Stick around for other Youtubers' opinions at the end.