1 Feb 2017

Female Teacher Impersonated Special Needs Pupil To Lie About Being Sexually Abused By Male Colleague

Suspended Sentence, Because Vagina
Via Jeff, J4MB: Extracts:
A teacher who impersonated a 14-year-old girl in order to accuse one of her male colleagues of sexual assault has been found guilty on Tuesday (31 January 2017) of malicious communications. Sheena Boll [right], 35, of Forest Gate in east London, called Childline and pretended to be a teenage girl from the school she worked at in Newham, in order to falsely claim she been sexually assaulted by a male member of staff who worked alongside her with special-needs youngsters…
It later emerged that she had a history of making formal complaints [some or all of them false complaints?] to police against employees of organisations and businesses before eventually withdrawing them, telling officers she had reached a private resolution [financial gain?] with the subjects of the complaints…
In a victim statement, the male teacher – who is still employed by the school – described how the false allegations “sickens and angers” him.

How To Make A Bitch

Gary Orsum: Malignant narcissistic mothers who have no idea how to raise level headed children.

Meep Meep + Dept Makes You Free - William Banzai7

Trump’s Divide & Conquer Strategy

Max and Stacy discuss Trump’s divide and conquer strategy as Canada says “you’re on your own” to Mexico for Nafta renegotiations and Hillary supporting union leaders say their meetings with Trump were “nothing short of incredible.” In the second half, Max interviews former head of the North Carolina Democratic Party to discuss the post-Trump strategy and what the party is doing right... and wrong.

The Next Doctor Who Must Be A Woman Says Harriet Harman

Via Jeff, J4MB: The insane man hating harridan [left] has spewed forth her opinions once again. Extracts:
Harriet Harman, Labour’s former deputy leader and a prominent feminist, has demanded the BBC appoint a woman as the next Doctor Who. She also said the new Doctor’s assistant should be a man, so she could ‘tell him what to do’…
Speaking at a Westminster lunch yesterday, Miss Harman [Miss, nor Ms.? Has anyone informed her husband, the perenially (and understandably) weary-looking Jack Dromey, (or her poor sons Harry and Joseph) of the impending good news?] agreed that the next Doctor should be a Time Lady.
‘Of course there should be a female Doctor Who but what we need is a man as her assistant,’ she said. ‘She has got to just tell him what to do, he will need that leadership.’
We should start a new award in Ms Harman’s honour, ‘Bossy Cow of the Month’.

Zionist Charities Targeting Icke & Meaning Of Jewish Identity

By Gilad Atzmon: The Zionists vs. Jewish anti Zionists is a fake binary opposition. In this interview with Richie Allen I insist once again that people who identify politically 'as Jews' are subscribing to politics that are driven by race. In the program I also suggest for the first time that it is not Zionism that hijacked Judaism, it is actually the other way around. It is Judaism that hijacked Zionism! Zionism was initially an a secular, anti Jewish movement that promised to 'civilise' the Diaspora Jew by means of 'homecoming' (as if Palestine is a 'Jewish home').  But as time went by, it has become clear that the early Zionist initiative was defeated. Zionism was hijacked by Judaic exclusivity and adopted as a radical form of tribal exceptionalism.

Ashley Judd Posterchild For Feminist Failure

Independent Man said. "Ashley Judd was actually reciting a poem written by a nineteen-year-old white guilt ridden millennial that has absolutely no grasp of reality. When all you have is misplaced outrage emotional overreactions and a complete disregard for factually accurate information, you dress it up as art, in this case slam poetry and then pretend that it has some merit or validity, because some idiot said it on stage and to some extent it works, it works on the minds of those that are also emotionally fragile."

'Mad Dog' Mattis Barks At Russia

"They don't call him mad dog for nothing. He's barking at Russia, JewMerica's new bogey man and just like a dog that eats the leftovers, Obama's anti-Russian mania is back on the menu. ...With NATO and US military bases surrounding Russia breaking up NATO will be very hard to do. Putin's too smart to be drawn into provocations. Will JewMerica then pull off a false flag in Poland with painted up Russian bombers attacking Krakow? Go ahead, the Neo-Con Jews who created the fictional WMDs to attack Iraq will discover a Russian Bear that eats nukes for breakfast." Said ex-Jew Nathanael.

Fury As Philip Davies MP Challenges Bid To Strengthen Law Against So-Called ‘Honour Crimes’

Once again, Philip Davies is the sole voice of reason in a House of Commons debate - Philip Davies argued the bill was 'discriminatory' because it focuses on women
By: A Tory MP challenged a bid to strengthen the law against so-called ‘honour crimes’ because it focused on women.
Shipley MP Philip Davies was the lone voice of objection in the House of Commons to a bill that would ban the term ‘honour killings’ from official publications.
Fellow Tory MP Nusrat Ghani proposed the move because, she said, Police are put off from investigating such crimes for fear of being branded racist.
She told the Commons: "Members of this House, during their constituency duties, will have encountered cases in which the police, and other agencies including the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) have been reluctant to tackle domestic violence in minority communities for fear of being accused of racism or of provoking community unrest.
"Indeed the CPS has acknowledged that it needs to improve its understanding, response and support to victims."

Why I Am Not A Feminist - Karen Straughan

"If the dictionary definition of feminism, yada yada equality yada yada was all there was to it I would likely consider myself a feminist or at least pro-feminist, but that really isn't all there is to it. To properly assess feminism, what it is and what it does we first are stuck dealing with the sticky business of patriarchy and all that it implies and no patriarchy theory is not an invention of the second wave. You can see the world view of patriarchy theory expressed very plainly in the very first officially recognised feminist document published the same year as the communist manifesto, the declaration of sentiments." said Karen Straughan.