2 Feb 2017

Milo’s College Grant For White Men Draws Fire

: A college grant program for white males that is now taking applications is being blasted as fanning white nationalism. Breitbart News senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos announced the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant in July. The program, which is funded by the right-wing provocateur and private donors, began taking applications on Tuesday, Breitbart reports.
"No this isn't a joke," he said.
Yiannopoulos has received condemnation by critics in the past. In July, he was banned from Twitter for tweeting abusive comments toward specific users, including African-American comedian Leslie Jones.
Asked about the scholarship program, UC Berkeley law professor Ian Haney Lopez said Wednesday that affirmative action programs were undertaken "to welcome historically excluded and dehumanized groups into every school, neighborhood and workplace."
"Affirmative action for white men is not social repair. Affirmative action for white men is a stunt to mock the moral and social importance of integration and to increase social strife," he told CNBC.
Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said the program was part of "a white nationalist agenda clearly and unapologetically."
"We should all be deeply troubled by the connection between Steve Bannon in the White House and Milo Yiannopoulos at Breitbart," Glaude told CNBC by telephone. Bannon, a top advisor to President Donald Trump, was the executive chairman of Breitbart News.

The More Juif Becomes Theresa ~ The More Anti-Jew Becomes Britain

'These ugly campaigns against British truth-seekers are unlikely to make UK Jewry popular. Quite the opposite. Both these campaigns immediately backfired'
By Gilad Atzmon: Today, the Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported that the number of antisemitic incidents in Britain in 2016 were the highest on record. The CST’s statistics show that there were 1,309 incidents of 'Jew hatred' last year — a 36 per cent increase on the previous 12 months.
Of course, the CST is not a reliable source and its‘antisemitism figures’ have been debunked numerous times before. However, if these statistics are accurate, they suggest only that the more the British government invests in fighting anti-Semitism.... the more antisemitic Britain becomes.
This is easy enough to explain. The fight against antisemitism is now a profitable industry.  Every day, we learn of some new Jewish organisation dedicated to fighting antisemitism and to hunt down the Jew haters, and all at the expense of the British tax payer*.

The Cuck Song

Lyrics & music production by Gary Orsum.

Ireland: “Department Of Justice, Equality & Women’s Rights” Is Now “Department Of Justice & Equality”

Via Elizabeth, J4MB:
I have just discovered that, in Ireland, seemingly without an official announcement or any explanation , the ‘Minister for Justice, Equality and Women’s Rights’ recently became the ‘Minister for Justice and Equality’. The thinking, reportedly, remains the same, and a glance at the homepage for The Department of Justice and Equality reveals that their Gender Equality Division is working on (and consulting the public on) a National Women’s Strategy. However, the fact that they have felt the need to cover up their partisanship and that this move hasn’t been publicised by the governmentspeaks volumes.
I have sent The Department for Justice and Equality a FOI request asking when and why this happened, but won’t hold my breath…
The name change is surely a recognition that an overt concern only for women’s rights is becoming untenable. while . It’s only a name change, however, and the covert concern for women only will continue. In the UK there are plenty of bodies with seemingly non-ideological titles – the Equality and Human Rights Commission being an obvious example – while their focus is overwhelmingly on “women’s rights”.
I predict it won’t be long before the Women and Equalities Committee of the House of Commons renames itself the Equalities Committee, following the recent appointment of Philip Davies MP.

Jewish Israel Weaponizes 'Rape Culture' Against Palestinians

“It’s one of the rare issues in the Knesset where everyone agrees that we must combat the phenomenon.
So you come here and present it as if it’s
a subject for disagreement and taunting?”
Said Zahalka.

From MAD To Madness

By Paul Craig Roberts: A book that Western peoples need to read is the just published by Clarity Press memoir of Paul H. Johnstone with an introduction by his daughter Diana, From MAD to Madness http://www.claritypress.com.
Paul Johnstone worked for two decades in the upper echelons of US intelligence—Air Force Intelligence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense—devising ways to estimate the military capabilities of potential enemies. The task of estimating the damage from nuclear war eventually brought the realization of the futility of nuclear warfare and the irrationality of war in the nuclear age.

Unrest Is The Only Growth Industry Left

Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer: Benoît Hamon won the run-off for the presidential nomination of the Socialist party in France last weekend. The party that still, lest we forget, runs the country; current president François Hollande is a Socialist, even if only in name, but he did win the previous election. Hamon ran on a platform of shortening the workweek from 35 to 32 hours, legalizing cannabis and ‘easing’ the country into a universal basic income of €750/month per capita. He’s way left of Hollande, who has a hilariously low approval rating of 4%.
 Hamon doesn’t appear to have much chance of winning the presidency in the two voting rounds taking place on April 23 and May 7, but we all know how reliable election predictions are these days, and in that regard France is as volatile as the next country. With conservative runaway favorite François Fillon accused of having paid his wife $1 million for doing nothing and Marine Le Pen, already desperately short on funds, targeted by the EU over money, who knows what and who will decide the election? Hamon may simply be the only one left standing on the day after the vote.

Intimate Partner Homicide Of Men In Australia

By This article discusses intimate partner homicide in Australia. While it would be primarily of interest to an Australian audience it is hoped that the information is useful to others for reference and to encourage similar articles to be written about other countries. Increasingly a distinction is made between intimate partner violence (IPV) and domestic violence (DV). IPV is violence that occurs between people who are married, involved in a defacto relationship or consider themselves involved romantically. Domestic violence is broader and is generally taken to mean violence between family members that live together. Jurisdictions don’t agree on the definitions and DV can sometimes include violence between family members that do not live together or people who are unrelated who do live together.
DV and IPV are very topical in Australia at the moment. The Australian federal government is running TV advertisements on domestic violence in which they tell us:
“Violence against Women. Let’s stop it at the start”.
The message from the Australian federal government is clear. They keep telling us that DV is something that men do to women and that what we need to do is modify the behaviour of young impressionable boys to fix the problem.
The truth is rather different.

Donald Trump's 'Muslim Ban' What You're Not Being Told By The Lame-Stream Media

StormCloudsGathering: The mainstream narrative on Trump's immigration ban is intentionally avoiding the core issue.