7 Feb 2017

Spiegel Scheisse - William Banzai7

You Should Regret Your MGM ~ Soft Name Circumcision

Men's Parental Rights

TheLondonGroup: The Forgotten Man discusses men's parental rights, more specifically the fact that they don't have any. - TRIGGER WARNING: This debate becomes quite spicy, not for the faint hearted.

The Thing That Should Not Have Even Been

HoneyBadgerRadio: It's that Audi commercial. Sometimes the video's long while the title's short, and sometimes the title's long while the video's short. But it never explains anything. Consider it honor among trolls.

Misrepresenting Russia Promo

Syrian Girl said: "Russia has been demonised by the lame-stream media in the last few years, it's been especially bad during Trump's election campaign. There are special interests that want to drive a wedge between Russia and the US, to push the world into war."

De-Constructing Sentiment 1: The Empathy Gap

By : Many men blame feminists for the fact that they feel marooned in the tidal movement of social change. But this is misplaced blame. Because their problems started much earlier than the birth of feminism. After all, feminism is a relatively new phenomenon. So there has to be something else at work in the background that has been causing hurt to men.
Actually, the reason why so many feminist ideas have gained such prominence has less to do with logic and truth than it does with sentiment. There is after all a disparity of sentiment between the genders which overwhelms factual evidence and undermines logical argument. The problem is that feminists did not invent this disparity. As Prof. Janice Fiamengo says, “Feminism didn’t create this asymmetrical concern out of nothing. It was already there in the DNA of our culture.”1 Feminists have certainly worked hard at amplifying it, and they have done so with the cooperation of important social agencies. But the truth is that it existed long before feminism.

5 Signs We're Going To War

Mac Slavo: Is it possible that not everything is as it seems? While the majority of the world is being distracted by shiny things and manipulated into civil unrest over identity politics, Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple warns that an unprecedented push for war is underway.

It’s pretty clear that we’re being taken to warA plan implemented by George W. Bush after 9/11continued under Obama and now kicked up a notch by our new President, Donald Trump.

Peter Lloyd v Ash Sarkar: Should Celebrities Stop Lecturing People About Politics?

My Brothers Keeper

4orce + Dubbledge