10 Feb 2017

Things I Wish My Father Had Told Me: Yelling

Men Are Good! How many times have you been accused of yelling when you didn't think that was the case? This little vid addresses that issue.

Economist Who Predicted Trump & Brexit Explains How The System Screws You

"A bait-and-switch of historic proportions."
Mark Blyth explains what austerity means in today's world.

Zionist Neocons Have Trump In Their Sights

Both Israel Shamir and Stephen Lendmen are Jews who are more loyal to Truth than to Zionism. - Paul Craig Roberts
Israel Shamir Explains That Zionist Jews Have Stabbed Trump In The Back
Stephen Lendman Reports That Trump Is About To Appoint One Of The Worst Zionist Neocons
As Deputy Secretary Of State
Neocon Elliot Abrams for Deputy Secretary of State?
by Stephen Lendman
Trump is considering him for the department’s number two position – perhaps an especially powerful one while Rex Tillerson transitions from Big Oil to diplomacy.
Trump transition advisor James Carafano believes Abrams is “pretty close to being named” – best known for his role in the 1980s Iran-Contra affair.
It involved covertly selling arms to Iran to fund Contra anti-Sandinista terrorists in Nicaragua. The Boland Amendment prohibited it.
For his role in the scheme, Abrams [faced indictment] for lying to Congress, pled guilty to two lesser offenses of withholding information from Congress to avoid a trial, possible conviction and imprisonment. 
On Christmas night 1992, GHW Bush pardoned him and other Iran-Contra defendants – their high crimes forgiven, not forgotten.

Young Men Paid Less Than Predecessors, Says Resolution Foundation

‘I Thought It Was A Mistake’: Australian University Offers Scholarship That Favours Men

Via Martin, J4MB: Excerpts:
A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student, who asked not to be named, said: “I was really surprised. I really thought that it was a mistake – some sort of clerical error. Sexism exists in our society but I thought the uni held itself to a higher standard.”
Gender balance in vet science as a profession has reversed in the past 20 years from male to female-dominated, but the student said this did not justify the scholarship’s terms.
“Female graduates of vet school are still paid less, from day one,” she said. “Professor Edwards was a lovely man who did a lot of fabulous work. This is not about hurting his reputation.
“I just think it shows very little thought into the causative agents of under-representation of women in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths]. The barriers that prevent men from entering vet science are not the same barriers that prevent women from entering every single other academic area.”
Grant [Imogen Grant, the women’s officer on the Students’ Representative Council at the university, i.e. a feminist parasite]

'Fake News': Jeremy Corbyn Calls Out BBC

RT: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the BBC of reportingfake news” after he was asked live on air whether his job might soon be up for grabs.

Feminist Justin Trudeau Is OK With Dead Native Boys

"If you die it doesn't matter, you're not sacred!
...70% are men and boys. If you live in Canada you've heard about the missing women and girls endlessly, but it's 30 women and 70% aboriginal men. ...You will never be able to see what the problem is if you look with a lens that excludes the majority of the missing and murdered." Said John The Other.

Rabbis Fake Solidarity Once Again

'I kindly advise T’ruah and other Jewish human rights groups to be slightly more economical with their duplicity. By now, the Goyim know. They see it all and their patience is about to run out.'
By Gilad Atzmon: We learned a few days ago that 19 rabbis were arrested in NYC during a protest at Trump International Hotel. The Rabbi operates within the T’ruah organisation, a rabbinical human rights group that was formed (in 2002) to convey an image of Judaic ethical and universal awareness.
patch.com reports that the rabbis sat down in the street in front of the Trump Hotel in an act of protest against Trump’s executive orders affecting Muslim immigrants and refugees. But T’ruah do not just oppose Trump’s policy as ordinary human beings or American patriots. They actually operate as ‘Jews.’ 
Chutzpah, as we know, is a Jewish invention and Rabbi Jill Jacobs, T'ruah's executive director, has a lot of it in her disposal. "It makes a statement when we (Rabbis) are willing to put our bodies on the line.” she said.

If Putin's A Killer-America's A Butcher

Trump/Abe Golf Diplomacy

Max and Stacy discuss Trump’s bilateral deals with Japan as he and Shinzo Abe hit the golf course. In the second half, Max interviews Jim Rickards, author of The Road to Ruin, about Donald Trump’s political shock and awe - are we on the road to ruin?

Legal Aid And Domestic Violence In The Family Courts

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: It is well known that the family courts are a meat grinder for men (yes, and sometimes for women, but mostly for men). Here I examine an aspect of recent history to expose one important mechanism of this meat grinder: the role played by allegations of domestic violence, and in particular its connection with access to legal aid. As usual on mra-uk, you will find that this post is driven by data, not opinion. I gratefully acknowledge certain individuals as the source, via FOI, of some of the data quoted.
Readers will be inclined to think that I am a bitter man with a chip on my shoulder and a history of being harshly treated by the family courts. Not so. I have been married for 34 years, never divorced and have no personal experience whatsoever of the family courts or child custody issues. Nor has anyone in my extended family, not my parents, nor my wife’s parents, nor our two sons, nor our respective siblings or their offspring. I am disinterested other than as directed by the facts.
Contents (click on links to go to that Section)
  1. Public and Private Law and LASPO
  2. The Domestic Violence Gateway
  3. LASPO and the Allocation of Legal Aid by Sex
  4. Divorce Rate and DV Rate
  5. Numbers of Injunctions for DV