13 Feb 2017

Book Review: Man Going His Own Way - MGTOW

"I believe that our civilisation is in massive jeopardy, PC is utter hogwash, it's psychobabble, our opponents are pussies and cowards."

Finger Flicking Cancer Gliders

Kate Smurthwaite makes me cringe. Regards, Bearing.

Why Are Men So Often At The TOP

Men Are Good!: The standard gynocentric lament about women's under- representation in top leadership roles is that this is due to discrimination. But there is scant evidence for this default claim. Especially after the last 30 years of legislating advantages for women. This video looks at three factors that have been kept quiet by a female dominated media. Whether it is Field's Medal winners, international chess champions, or Nobel Prize winners we see the same pattern emerge. Many more men at the top. This video looks into three factors that help explain why men are so often at the top.

Courtship, It’s On You Man

By : Courtship is part of our everyday speech. We follow the rules of courtship, we enter into courtship, we follow the courtships of the rich and famous, and sometimes we end a courtship. While it may sound like a quaint antique of European language, the word still appears in our daily media headlines proving that the modern imagination remains in its thrall.
So what exactly is this thing we call courtship? To answer that we are going to have to dig into its history, and the best place to start is with the etymology itself:
The etymology starts with a reference to a courtier, whom Dictionary.com defines as “a person who seeks favor by flattery, charm, etc.” Next we read that the paying of attentions is from a man to a woman “with the intention of marriage” – there is no explicit requirement for a woman to do something for a man. The scenario given here is clearly one-sided in terms of who must make the effort, and who will be the recipient of that effort. Courtship is, in a word, gynocentric. But just in case we have narrowed the definition of courtship to an anachronistic conception of it, let’s take a look at modern dictionaries to see whether they too paint a uni-directional picture of courting – ie. of men catering to women: 
The Free Dictionary by Farlex:
Noun 1. Courting: a man’s courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage); “It was a brief but intense courtship.”

Andronikos Defied Spartan Mothers, Rejected Soldier’s Role

Spartan mothers promoting violence against men have cast a long shadow across history. A twelfth-century Byzantine novel declared:
Those who have been reared with weapons and those experienced in fighting
must either stain their hands with enemy blood
and gird on a tunic bespattered with their slaughter
or fall valiantly and stout-heartedly
after having striven mightily with the opposition. [1]
Another twelfth-century Byzantine novel makes explicit the connection to Spartan mothers. A man fighting to save a damsel in distress declared:
the maiden was not torn from my hands, with me intoning “With my shield or on it,” like the Spartan mother. [2]
The horrible sayings of the Spartan mothers, urging and glorifying violence against men, became proverbial in Byzantium.

Why College Guys Should Be Terrified Of Campus Hookups

By Naomi Schaefer Riley: Men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter.” Those were not the words of a nun at your local Catholic high school 50 years ago. They were written in 2014 by the progressive Ezra Klein, editor of Vox, in explaining the importance of California’s “affirmative consent” law.
Passed in 2015, the law requires that students at the state’s colleges must obtain “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity” from their partners. If not, they could be subject to disciplinary procedures for sexual assault.
It is one of the astounding ironies of our current era that universities, which have long been billed as havens of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, places to experiment and rebel before you grow up, now employ armies of bureaucrats to regulate the sex lives of their students. These administrators hand out condoms and invite students to lectures by professional dominatrixes, while at the same time hold secret tribunals to punish men who engage in what can best be described as regrettable drunken hookups with their female classmates.

Beyonce Is Not A Goddess And Neither Are You

johntheother: Feminism is a religion in which women are the god-head, and men are embodied atavism and evil. And it's a state-religion.

Castration Culture Promotes Vicious, Jealous Eunuchs As Officials

The twelfth-century Byzantine novel Aristandros and Kallithea reported:

They say that once a viper, mother of poisons,
managed to bite a eunuch, and promptly expired,
for it had tasted blood that was much more poisonous
and that had overcome even its own deadly venom. [1]
How did eunuchs come to be so despised? Castration culture is an important part of the answer. Castration culture criminalizes men’s sexuality. Castration culture deprives men of sexual freedom and imposes on men forced financial fatherhood for nothing more than using their penises. Castration culture threatens with castration any man would dare speak out about injustices against men. In these circumstances of gynocentric domination, some males were castrated for their own worldly advantage and career advancement. Because principled, self-respecting men naturally despised them, these eunuchs greatly tarnished the reputation of eunuchs generally.
In the Gospel of Matthew, men being castrated for their own worldly self-interest were beneath Jesus of Nazareth’s concern. Some of Jesus’s disciples observed that men are better off not getting married. Jesus implicitly characterized unmarried men as enjoying an easy, appealing life. He also implicitly labeled unmarried men as eunuchs. Jesus distinguished three types of unmarried men / eunuchs: