18 Feb 2017

Trump Implosion That Wasn’t

Max and Stacy discuss the Trump implosion that wasn’t. In the second half, Max interviews Nomi Prins, author of All the Presidents’ Bankers, about Trump’s cabinet and advisers of the Goldman Sachs swamp.

Feminism Has Starved Men Of Sex, Says Dr Catherine Hakim

Laura Perrins talks to Dr Catherine Hakim, on the plight of the sex-starved British male. Dr Catherine Hakim is a pioneering British social scientist and author. Currently, she is Professorial Research Fellow at Civitas, the London think tank. From 1993 to 2012, she was Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, then at the Centre for Policy Research in London and the WZB social science research institute in Berlin. She is also author of Honey Money as well as Key Issues in Women’s Work. Her new book New Rules, Economies of Desire is out now.)
Laura Perrins: Tell me about your new book, the New Rules: Economies of Desire?
Dr Catherine Hakim: The New Rules started out as a book about internet dating, and how that is changing relationships. Internet dating is the new normal for meeting people, at all ages. My focus was the new websites springing up to facilitate affairs between married people. They are just like all the other dating websites in terms of the process involved. I got interested in this small, well-defined, hidden, niche mating market because marriage is excluded as a potential destination. This makes these websites, and their users, distinctively different. But how exactly? That was the question.

Theresa May: I Want To Transform How We Think About Domestic Violence

By Mike Buchanan: Here we go again. A piece in the Guardian by a female journalist, refusing to acknowledge domestic abuse of men by women. In the first extract, a duplicitous downplaying of violence against men:

… the Labour party has highlighted rising domestic violence rates since 2009, with an increase in violence against women perpetrated by their acquaintances, violence against women by strangers remaining level, and violence against men continuing to fall. [my highlight]
Violence against men may have fallen overall, but the numbers of convictions of women for domestic violence committed against men have been increasing for many years – can the journalist seriously be unaware of that?
Another extract:

May’s plan to transform the treatment of domestic violence cases in the UK will begin with a consultation lasting 12-18 months, which will seek ideas from charities, victims, providers of services to people suffering domestic abuse and other experts. [my emphasis]

True Hood Stories, "Sista Lawyer Thug Love"

Assistant district attorney. "Pressuring a police officer to protect her boyfriend. ...It validates everything we brothers have been saying. ...The ugly side of black female mating nature." Said The Obsidian.

Greenwald: Empowering The "Deep State" To Undermine Trump Is Prescription For Destroying Democracy

NERMEEN SHAIKH: We’re looking at the growing scandal over the Trump administration’s alleged dealings with Russia before and after the November election. In early January, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show and suggested the intelligence community may try to get back at Donald Trump.
SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.

US And Israel Join Forces To Bury Palestinian Statehood

Trump and Netanyahu are trying to push a more blatant and legalised form of apartheid on the Palestinian people.
By Daoud Kuttab: Thanks to the lovefest between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump, ignoring the Palestinian national leadership seems to be back on the front burner.
During both leaders' first meeting since the new United States administration took office, Trump repeatedly talked about the need for the Israelis and Palestinians to make peace but avoided mentioning the Palestinian leadership.
Apparently fearing the repercussions of Washington's withdrawal of both support for the two-state solution and recognition of the legitimate Palestinian leadership, the US sent CIA chief Mike Pompeo to President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Tuesday, February 14.
By sending the CIA chief rather than a political figure to visit President Abbas, the US is prioritising security issues - including joint security cooperation with Israelis - over the need to recognise Palestinian political and national aspirations.

Dr. Warren Farrell - Men And Boy's Issues

Badgers talk to Dr Warren Farrell, and talk about how to bring the conversation regarding men and boy's issues to your friends and family!

Harvesting The Male Gaze

By : We all know about the male gaze and the resultant sexualization of the female body that it creates. The standard accusation is that we men are scanning our environment for passive women to perv on, an act that reduces women from otherwise complex human beings to mere sex objects for our sexual pleasure. The following Oxford Reference Dictionary definition represents the usual view of the male gaze, or at least the one widely promoted by feminist analysis of the phenomenon: 
Male Gaze
1. A manner of treating women’s bodies as objects to be surveyed, which is associated by feminists with hegemonic masculinity, both in everyday social interaction and in relation to their representation in visual media: [see also objectification]. 
What stands out in all definitions of the gaze is men’s agency: