25 Feb 2017

How Feminism Destroyed Today's Relationships

Barbara4u2c: This, of course, is about third wave feminism. And a bit of 2nd one. Maybe also a bit of 1st one. Ah fuck, it's about feminism. Eat me.

2 Months Later US Sugary Bevvy Tax Gives Expected Results

Raging Golden Eagle: Who could have possibly seen this coming? Oh that's right, those of us who live in the real world as opposed to some fantasy land....

The Women's Court

johntheother: If that title doesn't frighten you - then you have been sleeping.

Laura Perrins Gives Owen Jones A Pasting

Yesterday, co-editor Laura Perrins entered the BBC Daily Politics studios, where she found an Owen Jones.What followed was a lively head-to-head where smug Owen was, in the words of the Daily Express, "torn to shreds" by our Laura who told him:
"You want a big state, you want the state meddling in everybody’s decisions, meddling in the family, supplementing everybody’s income."
We are really grateful for the positive comments about Laura's joust with Jones. "Spot on, as per", read one. "Get that woman on the telly more often, she's brilliant!", said another. Don't worry, we will.

Greek Final Reckoning

Max and Stacy discuss Greece hurtling towards a final reckoning. In the second half, Max interviews journalist and author, Tim Shorrock, about what exactly is happening in the Korean Peninsula as Kim Jong-un's half-brother is assassinated while, in the US, Trump takes control of the global hegemonic power.

Invisible Dead Men

By William Collins, aka MRA-UK:
Men Killed by Their Partners
The thrust of this post is putting names, and case histories, to the statistics of men killed by their partners. You can skip straight to that, below, if you wish (see the list of 78 names, here or below, or jump to the case histories). However, my motivation for addressing this topic is the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, which, as I write, has just passed its 3rd reading in the House of Commons. More of that shortly. Here I attempt to shine a light on, not just the numbers, but the names and case histories of men’s deaths at the hands of their partners.
In doing this I am acutely aware of apparently committing the same sin as those whom I criticise, namely identity politics. One goes wrong as soon as one speaks of “men” as an undifferentiated slab of people. The male MPs who vote in favour of the Istanbul Convention are hardly to be identified with the dead men discussed below. The correct perspective on these matters is to refer only to “people”. But what is one to do when attempting to redress the gross imbalance which now exists? Let me emphasise, then, that the concentration on male victimisation herein is not intended to hide or minimise female victimisation. But the latter is already very well represented. And no one is attempting to gain political leverage by denying it.

West Is My Home

ESSAM: We are being operated under a system designed to generate funding at the cost of our lives. “West Is My Home” is a piece reflecting our reality. A reality where we are constantly drowning in our blood sweat and tears. A reality where we are under attack, and we react out of fear. This is a movement that mentally drains and physically brings pain. Thats why we must fight, because like chains we won’t change if we don’t break free. Thats why we must fight, because our voice is the key - Video directed by: Jama Abdirahman

Lock Up England In Jail Or An Insane Asylum!

'If you are still able to retain at least some detachment and common sense, please compare what they are saying and writing and showing, with the reality outside your own window, wherever on this Planet you may be.'
By Andre Vltchek: Here it goes again! The same old tired and predictable tune, the same recognizable chorus. Once again the world is told what to think and what to believe. The world is also given both rhythm and leitmotif, so the grotesque and crooked dance could begin. Who could resist, really? The lyrics of the tune are recited in perfect English, and with that air of moral and cultural superiority, which is supposed to disperse all doubts. 
On February 19, 2017, RT published the following: The Telegraph, as a favored mouthpiece for British intelligence service disinformation, is a part of psychological warfare operation against Russia, said independent journalist Martin Summers. Another accusation is being thrown at Russia as a British newspaper published a story about Moscow being allegedly behind a plot to kill Montenegro’s Prime Minister last October… According to the article, Russia wanted to overthrow the country’s government to stop them joining NATO.

Appreciating The Progress In Culture - The Voice Of Europe

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff going through the news concerning sexual politics on the Old Continent in the last two weeks.

Kropotkin: The Coming Revolution

Perseus999: It is evident that we are advancing rapidly towards revolution, towards an upheaval that will begin in one country and spread, as in 1848, into all the neighbouring lands, and, as it rocks existing society to its foundations, will also reopen the springs of life.