5 Mar 2017

American Muslims Must Stop Apologising

At least 4 million Muslims have been
killed by the US since 1990.
By Ramzy Baroud: I was recently asked to give a talk about “being an American Muslim in the United States”. Although wary of the uses and abuses of the term, I obliged. 
Islam is a religion propelled by values, not race nor, theoretically, by blind tribal allegiances, I explained.
The “American Muslim” identity, which has been under constant investigation in US media, politics and society, is completely different from what American Muslims associate themselves with.
The media’s American Muslim is a suspect, a fifth column, potentially dangerous and more susceptible to violence than every other collective identity in the US.
While this contrasts sharply with real Islam, facts hardly matter in the age of American nationalism predicated on cultural and religious identification and “alternative facts”.

Who Created Feminism?

Zionist Report: This is an important and critical question to ask. When one really investigates movements like Feminism and other non-traditional family or gender movements, there is usually the mark of the Tribe on them.

We're Splitting Up The Team...

"It's an out and in rage!"
karen straughan: "Protesting women who have absolutely no idea what they're angry about." ... to cover two events! CTV is putting on a panel discussion on Feminism for International Women's day.

European Parliament Bans Free Speech - For The Jews

Zionist Report: It's quite something that it takes Tucker Carlson, a news anchor on Fox News, to even raise this topic for discussion. Today, in Europe, this censorship measure passes unremarked in the Continent where censorship is now routine -- particularly when there is any discussion of migrants.
Notice how his guest, Richard Corbett, continually invokes Jews to justify the need to suppress free speech. Corbett is an elected leftist representative for Yorkshire and Humber in the United Kingdom.

Erica S. Mercer, MD Of Brunswick, GA “Known Genital Mutilator,” Arbiter Of Beauty

By : Erica S. Mercer MD has been placed on the Known Genital Mutilators directory at neonatalcutting.org.
From the Southeast Georgia Health System website we see that urologist Dr. Mercer is listed as a current provider with no inkling as to services provided, however, just days before the website contained this information about her:
“Meet Erica Mercer, MD Pediatric Urologist
Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System in Brunswick now offers a range of pediatric urology services, provided by Erica Mercer, MD, with Nemours Children’s Clinic, Jacksonville.
Dr. Mercer provides consultations and minor office procedures for children with disorders of the urinary tract and external genitalia including:
Circumcision – surgical removal of penile foreskin
Enuresis – bedwetting
Hematuria – blood in the urine
Hydrocele – fluid-filled, swollen sac around testicle
Hydronephrosis – swollen kidney due to poor kidney drainage
Hypospadias – opening of urethra on underside of penis instead of tip

Turkey Steals Syrian Land With New Border Wall

SyrianGirl: Turkey is taking advantage of the situation in Syria to steal even more Syrian land. The entire area of Hatay was stolen from Syria by Turkey in 1939, not Turkey is building a wall into Syria's Idlib stealing even more land. Idlib is the area currently controlled by the terrorist rebels, here they lament trusting Turkey and believing it to be their ally. They are protesting Turkey's actions, but also the resistance in Hatay who have not forgotten that they are Syrian are also protesting turkey's actions and want reunification with Syria. https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/artic...

"We Killed Jesus, We're Proud Of It!" Shout Jewish Land Thieves AKA 'Settlers' Trespassing On Palestinian Property

If Americans Knew: "We'll kill you and the Palestinians", they say to the people filming.

Deek Jackson & The Dub Renegades - Disobey Tour 2017

Deek Jackson - Gtr Vox. Dylan Jackson - Gtr. Greg Wilson - Bass. Donny Gray - Drums. Andy Gray - Kaossilator. Mike DeLaitre - Percussion.

Bill Maher Defends Rape Of 12 Year Old Boy