9 Mar 2017

Only The Israeli Dead Matter: Israel’s Failure At Investigating Its Bloody Wars

By Ramzy Baroud: At a glance, Israel appears a true democracy. Take a closer look and that facade of democracy will soon dissipate, turning into something else entirely.
Tuesday 28 February was one of those moments. The chain of events was as follows: An official Israeli State Comptroller issued another report on the Israeli government’s handling of the July 2014 war on Gaza; it chastised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then-Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon – among others – for the lack of preparedness and for their mishandling of the subsequent 51-day conflict; Netanyahu reacted angrily; Ya’alon took to Facebook to defend his record; the opposition in the Israeli Knesset went on the offensive; politicians lined up, taking sides; a media frenzy followed; the country was in an uproar.

Neoliberalism Is Junk

Max and Stacy discuss why neoliberalism didn’t make us richer. In the second half, Max interviews professor Steve Keen about Quantitative easing (QE) and its role in financial crisis.

Alan Dershowitz - The Key To Athens

By Gilad Atzmon: In his recent address to the ultra-Zionist and war-mongering Stand With Us, Alan Dershowitz said; “people say Jews are too powerful, too strong, too rich, we control the media, we’ve too much this, too much that and we often apologetically deny our strength and our power. Don’t do that!”
Elder Zionist Dershowitz who acquired for himself the reputation of a “remarkable liar” (Chomsky) and a “serial plagiarist”  (Finkelstein) probably decided, just before he meets his creator, to give truth one last try.
In our world, no one can deny that Jews are “too powerful,” “too rich” or that they “control the media.” Yet no one can ignore that Jews themselves are rarely apologetic about their extensive and overblown power.  In fact, as with Dershowitz, most Jews tend to boast about the various facets of Jewish domination and, while boasting, use every trick in the book to silence anyone else who points to that power.

The Bug Stops Here - William Banzai7

Hammond’s Daycare Splurge Completes Feminist Takeover Of UK Tory Party

By Kathy Gyngell: How my heart sank the day Theresa May chastised Conservatives for being ‘the nasty party’ from the conference platform.  There was no slow hand clap in response. Her already emasculated party capitulated.  It was the day leftism took complete command of the political heights. Its bullying tactics had won and Mrs May finished off the job by vilifying her own party and by labelling her very own colleagues as racists, sexists and bigots.
Did she really believe they were? I doubt it. But like Mr Cameron, who later picked up this ‘modernising’ ball and ran with it, that was how the Left had made sure the Conservatives were perceived. Under torture, she signed a ‘confession' on behalf of her party.
It’s what the Left does.  It claims the moral high ground then, with bullying and shaming, intimidates naysayers into silence. Being white and middle class, ‘middling’ well off, is enough to condemn you unless…you accept their terms, help stifle debate and inhibit your freedom of speech and action.
No wonder Mrs May’s first act as Home Secretary was to sign off Harriet Harman’s lunatic Equalities Act though this was an entirely different beast from its 1970 Equal Pay Act predecessor.

The Weaker Sex? Violence And The Suffragette Movement

The campaign of terror orchestrated by the Edwardian suffragette movement before the First World War and why it has been neglected by historians.
By Fern Riddell: In the early hours of a mild November morning in 1913, a three-inch pipe was primed to explode later and destroy the multiple panels and ornate metal work that made the Glass House 'one of the chief attractions' of Alexandra Park in Manchester. A smouldering mass of twisted metal and broken glass was discovered and quickly attributed by the popular press to the wave of 'suffragette outrages' being committed across the country by the militant branch of the women's rights movement.

The Internet Is For Porn - Tennessee, USA Is Not, Apparently

By : Tennessee resolution would deem porn ‘public health crisis’
So Tennessee wants to ban porn to bring men back into marriage. Yeaaaaah…that’s not going to happen, for several reasons, but let’s start from the top:

News: Are Women Superior to Men?

Turd Flinging Monkey: tl;dr: No

Why Women Are the Superior Gender

Studies Suggest Men Handle Pain Better

The 7 BEST Things About Being a Male

New US TSA Rules - More Aggressive Pat-Downs!

RonPaul: The Transportation Safety Administration has announced that it is going to get even more aggressive with innocent passengers. They said we must give up our liberty for security, but the TSA is an enemy of both. What can we do to fight back?

Father Of University Graduate Cleared Of Rape Hits Out At Investigation

Via Anon, J4MB: An extract:
Tappenden, who had graduated from English Literature and creative writing, was on a night out in York city centre when he was “pulled” by an 18-year-old student who invited him back to her student accommodation for sex.
Tappenden had told the jury during the five day trial: “She never said no. If she had I would not have done anything. I’m not a violent person in any scenario. I understand what consent is. I feel my life has been ruined. I thought about killing myself because of the shame of coming here.”
The 18-year-old accuser was just two weeks into the first year of her course when she went out on a drunken night out with friends.
Before she met Tappenden, at the Drawing Board nightclub in the early hours of October 2, 2015, she had been downed six bottles of Blue WKD, three Sour shots, two vodka Red Bulls, the court heard.