15 Mar 2017

"It's OVER For Trump. Anti-Russian Zio-Neo-Con-Artists Are In Charge. Business As Usual." Dr. PCR

"Trump seems to have collapsed on his promise to normalise relations with Russia. Everyone that he has appointed is Russo-phobic. They believe all this propaganda that Russia is a threat to the United States." Said Paul Craig Roberts.

Diana Davison - Do Men Need Feminism?

Canadian Association for Equality: On March 9th CAFE Vancouver sponsored a special presentation, hosted by SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys, by YouTuber and cofounder of the Lighthouse Project, Diana Davison, who explored what role she believes Feminism should play in men's lives.

Speakers At The Third International Conference On Men’s Issues, Gold Coast, Australia

About the speakers
Your emcees:
Paul Elam – Paul is the founder and publisher of A Voice for Men, largely considered the online flagship of the men’s human rights movement. He is the CEO of AVfM Education, LLC, the organization that founded the International Conference on Men’s Issues.

Mike Buchanan – Mike is the founder and party leader for Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them), the only political party in the English speaking world dedicated to the issues faced by men and boys.
Your keynote speaker:
Bettina Arndt – Bettina is a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and journalist. She is a widely recognized expert on the sexes and is the recipient of the Centenary Medal, awarded by the Australian government for contributions to society.

WTF - William Banzai7

Putting The Men Into Menstruation

Gary Orsum: Toni the Tampon teaches men that they can menstruate too.

Revolutions Are Bloody, But So Is Doing Nothing

By Paul Craig Roberts: Graeme MacQueen, a university professor in Canada, calls attention to the American left’s inability to exercise immagination with regard to the reports of the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission. A collection of individuals and publications, somehow regarded as leftwing, has proven to be active agents for the conspiratorial state against true dissent.
Here is the link to Graeme MacQueen’s article: https://truthandshadows.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/911-and-american-left/#more-4073
The United States no longer has a leftwing, and neither does Europe, Greece least of all, a country whose “leftwing” government has agreed that Greece’s creditors can loot and plunder the Greek people and the public assets of Greece in behalf of the One Percent. The British Labour Party is as rightwing as the Conservatives, and the French socialist party is more rightwing and much more acceptant of American overlordship than General Charles DeGaul.
In Germany the electorate has put in place as Chancellor of Germany a US puppet who represents Washington, not the German people. And she will continue to represent Washington, even if it means war with Russia.
The leftwing, once a force that attempted to hold governments accountable, has merged with the American Empire. The American “left” has now joined with the military/security complex to deep-six the prospect of detente with Russia.

US Practices 'Taking Out' Kim Jong-Un - What Will Be The Consequences?

RonPaul: The US is sending special forces, SEAL Team 6, drones, B-52s, etc to South Korea. Military exercises will include practicing killing the North Korean leadership. Will such exercises provoke a North Korean response? What happens next? What about the Chinese?

How Trump Can Beat The Deep State

"It's an open secret that the CIA and Mossad copulated together to create Al Qaeda to perpetuate that endless war on terror. ISIS was birthed from the same womb. And the secret that the CIA can buy a journalist cheaper than a call girl is paraded on every page of 'The Washington Post' and every line of the 'NewYork Times'. ...Tell Israel to take your Jewish state and stuff it! ...Drain the Deep State, that's the real swamp." Said Nathanael.

Hackers Stole My Phone Number - A Personal Story

By Michael Krieger: On March 3rd, at approximately 9pm, hackers stole my phone number. I didn’t become aware of this until a little more than 24 hours later, but hacking attempts on my other accounts began right away. Prior to this nightmarish experience, I had never heard of this happening to anyone else; however, in the days that followed I quickly became aware of its rapidly growing popularity and frightening ease of execution. Pulling off this attack requires virtually no technical skills, rather it relies entirely on social engineering, persistence, and an incompetent telecom employee. If this can happen to me, it can happen to virtually anybody.
The 48 hour period beginning at around 5am on March 4th was one of the most trying, confusing and frightening of my life. At that point, my wife and I had been up pretty much all night due to our son being in the midst of a horrible sleep regression. In fact, his crying was so hysterical I ended up calling our pediatrician’s office to ensure he wasn’t suffering from something more serious. I was going on two hours of sleep, the sun was about to rise and I was dealing with an inconsolable child. I thought things couldn’t get much worse. Boy was I wrong.