18 Mar 2017

Economic Populism

Max and Stacy discuss the economic populism that voters in Michigan want to hear but that Democrats refuse to say and what happens when private equity runs out of things to buy. In the second half, Max talks to Mish Shedlock of MishTalk.com about the Fed’s interest rate hike.

It's Time To Get Painfully Honest: Banksters Are Evil

By Adam Taggart: I don't talk to my classmates from business school anymore, many of whom went to work in the financial industry.
Because, through the lens we use here at PeakProsperity.com to look at the world, I've increasingly come to see the financial industry -- with the big banks at its core -- as the root cause of injustice in today's society. I can no longer separate any personal affections I might have for my fellow alumni from the evil that their companies perpetrate.
And I'm choosing that word deliberately: Evil.
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In my opinion, it's long past time we be brutally honest about the banks. Their influence and reach has metastasized to the point where we now live under a captive system. From our retirement accounts, to our homes, to the laws we live under -- the banks control it all. And they run the system for their benefit, not ours.

Michael Messner Dismisses Fathers As ‘Absentees’

"If the world of stupid things feminists say were geopolitical professor Sullivan would be the unquestioned superpower and that's despite the fact that during the entirety of the interview she kept blurting out irrational fears like she had tourettes." Said Paul Elam.

Feminists See Sexism And Misogyny EVERYWHERE!

To commemorate international women's day, a heap of cucks from Sydney Boys High School decided to make a video virtue signalling about how awesome feminism is. The published the video to their Facebook profile, it went viral, then they found themselves under fire from a gaggle of spasticated feminists from Sydney Girls High School for .. LOL .... sexism and misogyny! Regards, Bearing.

Spitting Out... Something

Saint Paddy's 2017 - William Banzai7

SJW Mob Shouts Down Jordan Peterson At McMaster Uni

StudioBrule: SJW anti-free-speech mob tries to stop Peterson from speaking at McMaster University in Canada. - Supporters follow Peterson outside and the SJW mob tries to shout him down there as well (see second video).

Canadian Court Finds Lying About Taking The Pill Is A-Okay

By Toy Soldiers: Oh, Canada. The phrase takes on a different meaning considering how often the Canadian government screws over its citizens. In their latest instance of legal stupidity, a court ruled that lying about taking birth control is not grounds for a lawsuit:

In upholding an earlier ruling on the case, the Ontario Court of Appeal said the woman’s behaviour was not enough to open her up to the man’s highly unusual claim for damages.
“I see no basis on which to impose liability on the mother for any net negative impact (he) may consider that he has suffered due to his having fathered the child,” Justice Paul Rouleau wrote for the court.
That is right. Tricking a man into parenthood and essentially raping him by deceiving him into giving consent under false pretenses should result in zero liability. Go on and lie to get someone to have sex with you. Go on and get pregnant and later sue the man for child support. This is apparently legal in Canada.
As the Justice explained:

Allowing the father to recover damages from the mother for the unwanted birth would run counter to a clear trend in family law to move away from faulting one partner over another, Rouleau said.